Live Out A New York State Of Mind With The Must-Have Bags For 2020

Live Out A New York State Of Mind With The Must-Have Bags For 2020


From touchscreen duffels to skyscraper totes, Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 Collection has all the must-have bags for you to tote next year.

When the TWA Flight Center at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport opened its doors in 1962, it has become one of the most glamorous airports around the globe. And with air travel becoming the quintessential transportation for the high society—especially flying back and forth Paris and New York—it was perceived as the luxurious lifestyle everyone dreamed of attaining.

At the heart of this sensation signals the starting point of a journey, which also constitutes the very foundation of Louis Vuitton, whose history is built on the joy of discovery. That’s why the heritage brand’s 2020 cruise collection summarized the exaltation of departure, the comings and goings of oneself, and the memories one brings back home.

As the dialogue between Paris (home of Louis Vuitton) and New York (one of the world’s most fascinating cities) has already become a long-running conversation, the fashion house began with the first trans-Atlantic crossings, which now continues this season with a collection that realizes a stylistic to and from.

Fascinated by the dialogue of travel and the city that never sleeps, Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director for women’s collections, explored this sartorial exchange by incorporating New York City references. Hence, the prominent prence of the Big Apple’s legendary buildings in its roster of bags.

This season, Louis Vuitton marvelously revels in a mash-up of emotions and stories in the world’s most cinematic city. In the collection, there were a duffel and a bucket bag prototypes shown that had screens flashing a scenery that looked like a reinterpretation of New York’s metropolis. There were also oddly shaped bags such as the egg-shaped bag, sunglass-inspired clutch, and the Empire State building tote that are sure to be the conversation pieces of the fashionable sort.

Overall, the bags that were showcased had the basis for the brand reconsidering the digital canvas of the future and connected accessories, which is evocative of its search for the fusion of savoir-faire and innovation. In fact, Nicholas Ghesquière said, “I was lucky enough to have landed at the TWA Flight Center in the late nineties. This place was forgotten for twenty years and now has come back to life. It’s like a sanctuary that’s been revived… it’s about rediscovering of an uncommon place that yet is a part of American heritage.”

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