Living In Your Element: Nature Lovers Can Spend A Tranquil Vacation In This Upcoming Deluxe Resort

Living In Your Element: Nature Lovers Can Spend A Tranquil Vacation In This Upcoming Deluxe Resort


Enjoy a picturesque view of natural waterfalls, take a break in the homely villas among nature, and play with your beloved pets in the pet playground in the upcoming iFarm Hotel and Resort

Bright city lights, towering buildings, and the sound of car engines—these are just a few of what city dwellers or office employees encounter every single day of their lives. Oftentimes, we often get stuck in a fast-paced routine and forget to pause to take a breath of nature. 

The iFarm Hotel and Resort is surrounded by nature and is the perfect place to take a relaxing staycation

One of the things that we can do to replenish our energy and decrease the tenseness of our muscles is to go back to our roots. The Philippines is rich in natural resources. It is home to 191 mammal species, has fertile lands, and has five percent of the world’s flora. The tropical nature and fertile lands is an ideal location to grow agriculture and build farms, making way for more plants and trees to heal the environment.

As Filipinos, being among nature is our element. These facts served as an inspiration for the development of iFarm Hotel and Resort.

Let nature run its course

The unique architecture of the Farm Lot Villas creates a homely and pleasant aesthetic.

Located in Alfonso, Cavite, iFarm is a unique concept that brings city dwellers the opportunity to enjoy wide open spaces with cool refreshing breezes from Tagaytay. Its Balinese-inspired villas and luxury amenities are set against the backdrop of a cascading natural waterfall.

The resort’s concept is the brainchild of Krizzia Ann Loyang Tanabe, the CEO of iFranchise, as a result of her fond experiences living in the farm in her youth. By combining our love for nature with agricultural factors, the goal of the resort is to help us go back to our roots with our families and introduce farming to the younger generations for them to appreciate.

A peaceful paradise

The lands of iFarm are arable and fertile, making it ideal to grow different types of flora and a home to fauna. Nature is abundant in the large expanse of land where you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy healing your heart among the trees. Perfectly-planned amenities are built to make your vacation or weekend getaway more homely and inclined towards the green environment. 

The 10 Hotel Cabanas all feature wide rooms within slanted glass windows for your eyes to see the nature outside while you rest on a queen-sized bed. The shade of the trees reflect marvelously in the room as the sunlight streams through and showers you with its natural glow. Aside from the cabanas, iFarm also has 18 Farm Lot Villas for you to stay in. The roof of the villa is triangle-shaped and designed with tall glass windows from floor to ceiling for that picturesque view.

The Butterfly Sanctuary is a place where you can appreciate the many colors of the butterflies and flowers

There are a number of activities you can do during your staycation. Pets are allowed in the vicinity, so you can spend a play day with your beloved furry companions in iFarm’s Pet Playground. For a peaceful alone time where you can settle a while to organize your thoughts, iFarm’s Natural Waterfalls stands tall and flows majestically for you to marvel at. The falls are the centerpiece of the development, and are free for anyone who wants to soak in nature’s cooling spring water or meditate. Nature takes iFarm to another level with its exquisite and colorful amenities where you can simply appreciate the beauty of both flora and fauna. The Butterfly Sanctuary is a dome-type greenhouse wherein you can dance with an array of colors and butterflies. Another is the Flower Garden if you simply wish to take photos among a colorful landscape. 

Aside from the waterfall, an Infinity Pool sits among nature where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire area. The elevated viewing decks serve as the perfect spot to survey the farm or provide a beautiful backdrop for Instagram photos. 

iFarm Hotel and Resort also features a chapel for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in a tranquil environment

Among these amenities, iFarm still lives with its purpose of introducing us back to our roots. Agricultural farms decorate the area, giving us access to seedlings and crops. iFarm’s Organic Farming takes us on an educational trip to nature and farming. The amenity serves as a guide to help us better understand the standards in growing the native crops that our farmers work hard for to feed us everyday. Besides Organic Farming, the iFarm Vineyard raises seedlings from Ilocos, where sweet and luscious grapes are grown locally. 

For a wonderful staycation among nature away from the city life and highways, iFarm is the perfect location. Dive deeper into our Filipino roots, rest in tranquility, and live in our natural element in this thematic and homely environment.

Learn about iFarm’s grand opening by visiting and following their Facebook account.

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