Living Smart: Ben&Ben Shares How Vital Stable Internet Connection is For the Band

Living Smart: Ben&Ben Shares How Vital Stable Internet Connection is For the Band


With how much we can all count on the new UNLIFAM, even Ben&Ben won’t have to deal with the nuisance of faulty internet on the daily

We can’t deny how much we go online on a daily basis. regular we’re just scrolling through social media when we’re outdoors or attending online meeting after online meeting at home, this simply means we constantly use up a lot of data from internet use every single day. What kills that mojo is when we suddenly get cut out of an important call we’re in or the song we’re listening to stops loading out of nowhere because of low quality internet connection. This is why having a reliable and stable source of internet is completely necessary, and OPM band Ben&Ben can vouch for that.

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Much-needed stability

Extremely familiar with the need for internet connection that meets everyone’s standards and way of life, Ben&Ben shared that having so is vital for their band because it’s how they communicate with each other, as well as with their fans. They added, “With how often we were physically together [before the pandemic], we mostly used the internet as a means to communicate schedules, share photos and videos, and of course, share our music with our listeners.” Apart from being rest assured that they’ll be able to do all those things because of reliable internet connection, they also get to keep any and all kinds of connections with each of their entire families anytime, anywhere.

Now that we’re almost two years down the lockdown line, the nine-member band formerly known as The Benjamins explained how incredibly reliant they have been to an internet connection that reaches top tier quality, especially since it became their one and only gateway to whatever was happening around the world during the early days of the pandemic. Ben&Ben explained, “We relied on it to create more music, to continue our work, and to stay updated with all the latest news and updates on COVID and our friends and families. As live shows were totally indefinitely put on hold, we had to find new ways to interact and share our music with our listeners. We eventually decided to move in together to create more online content as a way to make the most of our situation, and take that opportunity to show our listeners different sides to us as a band.”

Not only that, but because online concerts eventually became a common thing, Ben&Ben also had to figure out how they could practically mount an entire production from their own home. According to the band, “That level of effort requires not only a strong and reliable team, but an equally stronger and more reliable internet connection.”

This is why they truly believe that Smart’s latest product, the UNLIFAM, where subscribers can enjoy true unlimited data on their Smart Bro or PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi, is heaven-sent as it definitely gives the band a worry-free experience every time they take the virtual stage for everyone to see, as well as during their most special family gatherings. This makes online events and virtual catch-ups a whole lot easier since the UNLIFAM, available for only PHP 999, has no speed capacity, no conditions, and no limits whatsoever. Valid for 30 days, each band member and subscriber is free to enjoy without having to think about the possibility of getting disconnected at any hour of the day.

With Smart UNLIFAM, the entire Ben&Ben fanbase would definitely have an easier and hassle-free experience during the band’s upcoming concert on February 20, 2022 via the GigaPlay app. No one would have to worry about lags or crashes because of how extremely reliable it is. Even Smart Prepaid, TNT, Smart Bro, Smart Signature, and Infinity subscribers can join in on the fun! Everyone can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

You can try out Smart Bro’s UNLIFAM by choosing it under the available data offers that can be found in your GigaLife app or can even be loaded through any Smart retailers nationwide. You can also read more about how to access the exclusive content by heading to the event page. For more information on Smart’s latest offers and events, visit their official website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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