Liza Soberano Officially Signs with James Reid’s Careless

Liza Soberano Officially Signs with James Reid’s Careless


The Careless Chairman himself hinted the actress’ possible music career!

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Beauty, talent, and grit—these are only a few words that you can attribute to one Liza Soberano. Besides the series of shows and movies she has starred in, she is also the face of several brands such as Samsung and Maybelline. Liza is also an entrepreneur and a mental health advocate, being part of HKT Essentials and Mind You, respectively. There’s no need to prove that she is one of the biggest and most bankable stars in this generation.

And it looks like there is no stopping the actress from flourishing, this time with a new management.

In last night’s trade launch, Careless Music and Entertainment Company officially announces Liza Soberano as part of their new talents alongside Issa Pressman.

A New Track

During the contract signing segment, James Reid, the founder and chairman of Careless, elaborated on Liza’s abilities and how they are looking forward to working with her. “Liza is easily one of the biggest stars in the country and we’re really excited to work with her. She’s a very talented actress; she has an amazing voice that she has been hiding from everyone and we’re excited to bring out; an eye for fashion and a deep understanding for pop culture. She really is a force to be reckoned with.”

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Liza looked back on how she and Careless started working together. According to the actress, she started working with the team on the business side of things which eventually made her see how much she loved their relationship. “That’s kind of me putting my foot on the water and seeing how they work, our chemistry as business partners and people who might work together. Around March or April, that’s when I kind of knew that I wanted to work with them because I felt free and confident to take risks and start working on things that I wouldn’t have thought to be possible.”

An Ode to the Past

In the video that he released on YouTube last May 27, Ogie Diaz, Liza’s manager for 11 years, revealed that his role as Liza’s manager was only until the last day of May. After the said date, he confirmed, James Reid shall be the signatory in Liza’s contracts.

To finally put an end to the speculations and rumors appearing online, Ogie also clarified that Liza is no longer under contract with ABSCBN, which includes Star Magic and Star Cinema. However, the actress reassured that her next projects will still be under the Kapamilya network.

A New Member of the Crew

In 2017, James Reid founded Careless Music Manila. It is an independent label home to artists such as Reid himself, Nadine Lustre, Massiah, and Jolianne, to name a few.

As James and Liza transition into their friends to manager-talent relationship, they travelled to California for events and meetings prior to the contract signing.

Both Soberano and Reid attended the Gold House’s 1st Annual Gold Gala in Los Angeles. Look at their cute snapshot giving us stunning visuals and strong sibling energy!

Photo Credit: @sthanlee (Instagram)

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