Liza Soberano Spills These Truths in Bea Alonzo’s Vlog

Liza Soberano Spills These Truths in Bea Alonzo’s Vlog


Liza proves that there’s consistency in her authenticity as she answers fun and light questions to controversial takes in Bea’s recent vlog

Rebranding into a braver and bolder version of herself, Liza Soberano continues to offer her honest thoughts on herself and the career path she’s traversing this time on a fellow actress’ vlog. 

In the ninth episode of Bea Alonzo’s lie detector test challenge on her YouTube channel, the two reunited in one frame after their first project together in 2013 with She’s The One. During the pandemic and after ABS-CBN’s forced shutdown, both Bea and Liza decided to start anew by moving to different managements. The former transferred to GMA, while the latter is now under Careless, James Reid’s entertainment label. 

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The upload is a hit, garnering approximately 350,000 views in almost 15 hours as of writing. Striking while the iron is hot, this came just a week after Liza gave an update on her new journey as an actress. 

She shared a number of answers to different ranges of questions in the vlog, and we’ve round up the most interesting takes from the actress herself: 

Changing the clout chasing notion

Chances are when you are labeled as a “clout chaser,” people think that you are all too focused on fame to the point of being eaten alive by it. Over the past few months and even years, Liza already met big Korean and Western idols. This resulted to some netizens ascribed that label to the actress. But this is her response: “That’s what I don’t get actually about the Philippines. Everybody is afraid of ‘social climbing’ or ‘clout chasing,’ but our industry is all about exposure and collaboration.”

She then explained that meeting celebrities is not just about for the sake of doing so. It’s also about gaining knowledge on their process and craft to have a better sense of her own career as well. 

Liza Soberano with BLACKPICK Lisa and Destiny Rogers
Photo Credit: @carelessph (via Instagram)

Banking on your connections is not really a negative thing, especially when you are seeking something new. Indeed, you can just be one person away from a possible network that can change your life. 

Quashing the love team norm

Talking about her reel partnership with off-screen partner Enrique Gil was inevitable, and Bea touched on the subject of love teams with Liza. She asked the young actress if there was any pressure to keep up with the biggest love teams of their generation alongside her and Enrique—KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) and JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre). 

LizQuen - Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil
Photo Credit: @enriquegil17 (via Instagram)

In one breath, Liza answered, “Yes.” Stressing on the competition of who could make more hits, the now-Careless artist pointed out the reality behind their so-called top billing pairings. “I don’t see it as a healthy competition when money is involved.”

Maintaining the love team is one thing, but making it work alongside other pairings in the same network can make it more challenging. Although this formula has worked in the industry since time immemorial, it has also elicited negativity as well, such as constant comparison, fan wars, and the inability to work with other partners. 

Keeping bravery in check 

Liza used to be vocal on her stance about issues especially when it came to politics, but she admittedly toned it down after being red-tagged back in 2020. “Right now, more than anything, I need to educate myself on these issues before I speak up,” Liza responded.

Liza Soberano
Photo Credit: @lizasoberano (via Instagram)

Crucial situations call for a certain creativity to get your message across to the public, and it is not always in the form of in-your-face statements and retorts. At the end of the day, morally-intact individuals like Liza will figure out the best way they can reach their fans on heavier issues of society. That makes us hopeful for how else the actress can channel her creative juices in her future advocacies and projects.

Featured image from LIZA SOBERANO (via Instagram)

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