Local Art and Streetwear Collide in This New Collection

Local Art and Streetwear Collide in This New Collection


H&M collaborated with local fashion brand DBTK and Filipino artist Dex Fernandez for their latest collection

Last year marked the first local collaboration H&M had with home-grown brand Don’t Blame The Kids, more commonly known as DBTK. It was a collection that encapsulated the global brand’s eye for diversity, infused with the local label’s distinct streetwear style they established in their designs, which are versatile for both mens and womens. 

Headed by the brothers who created the urban-inspired brand, Emil and Vince Javier welcomed a new creative to launch the second collaboration this year. Where art and fashion collide once again, esteemed artist Dex Fernandez joins with his works under the name Garapata.

H&M, DBTK, Dex Fernandez collaboration

“Garapata is a whimsical representation of social psychedelic landscape that observes the intertwined experiences of human behavior influenced by the other with bizarre context in which it occurs. In other words, a socio-political mind-trip.”

Dex Fernandez
H&M, DBTK, Dex Fernandez collaboration
Photo: GARAPATA (via Instagram)

We see this idea watered down in the collection in order to capture the spirit of art and streetwear. Blending together DBTK’s signature graffiti design and Dex’s animated style, they were able to create pieces that truly embraced the appeal of streetwear. Dex shared, “Both streetwear and art are extensions of our DNA. It manifests our style, taste, narrative, culture, background and the way we think in life.” 

H&M, DBTK, Dex Fernandez collaboration

Along with the design direction of DBTK and Dex, H&M’s message of inclusivity and diversity is steadfast with their choice of artists, as well as the unisex orientation of the collection. They were able to marry two industries that champion creativity and individuality to offer a line of pieces that celebrate anyone and everyone.

Photos: H&M

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