Local Celebrities and Influencers are Acing the Grandpa-Core Trend in These Looks

Local Celebrities and Influencers are Acing the Grandpa-Core Trend in These Looks


Here’s a quick guide on how you can pull-off the grandpa-core aesthetic, much like your favorite Filipino celebrities and influencers

With the many micro trends we always go through, it can get confusing because the styles have some overlapping characteristics. This time around, the grandpa-core aesthetic has been getting a lot of attention, and here are some local celebrities and influencers who already hopped on the trend. Here’s how you can ace it, too. 

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In monochromes

This particular ensemble may be fitting to the humid weather since it consists of a sweater vest and matching pleated skirt. Anji Salvacion went for the classic monochromatic technique that made her look cohesive and, most especially, vintage—a must for the grandpa-core trend. 

anji salvacion style
Photo: ANJI SALVACION (via Instagram)

Preppy in vintage

For those who like to keep it cute and sweet, you can do something similar to how Maymay Entrata styled the aesthetic. The collars and cuff sleeves of the white button-down are seen peeping out from the pink sweater, which matched her pleated skirt that had warm accents to it. You can opt to wear a more fitted sweater if you want to show off your figure. 

maymay entrata style
Photo: MAYMAY ENTRATA (via Instagram)

Oversized chic

It may seem like it can fall under the old money style, but keep in mind that we are looking for worn out vibes. As seen on Atasha Muhlach, you can either wear oversized sweaters or vests, but keep in mind that the quality should still be top-notch. 

Atasha Muhlach style
Photo: ATASHA MUHLACH (via Instagram)

Top Gun baddie

You know how the 1986 action-romance film Top Gun consists of large leather jackets? Your grandfather might actually have one hidden in his closet since it was one of the major trends back in the day, so why not . Just like Mags Ford, you can always go for the usual denim-leather combination for a timeless look. 

mags ford style
Photo: MAGS FORD (via Instagram)

The full suit

When you’re looking at Kaila Estrada’s get-up, you can think of the British drama series Peaky Blinders, but modern. So how does this fall under grandpa-core? The key piece here is her oversized blazer since the style before consisted of well-tailored coats, which you can also take from your grandfather’s closet if he has one. 

Kaila Estrada style
Photo: KAILA ESTRADA (via Instagram)

Featured Image: KYLINE ALCANTARA (via Instagram)

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