These 3 Powerful Ingredients Are All You Need to Reset Your Skin Overnight

These 3 Powerful Ingredients Are All You Need to Reset Your Skin Overnight


Our daily lives consist of constant stress. At work, on our commute, and even at home, we are affected by harmful environmental factors. Our diet, fatigue, emotional and mental stress, and pollution can also wear us down and manifest on our skin. Because of these, our complexion can suffer from dullness, dryness, and show early signs of aging. But what if you could reverse these effects and reset your skin overnight?

This is the promise that these three powerful active ingredients hold:

Marjoram Extract

The marjoram plant extract is potent enough to awaken our skin on the basis of epigenetics. Epigenetics, put simply, is how our environment and lifestyle can modify our gene function. The marjoram extract lets us reset our skin by preventing wrinkles and cure acne-prone skin. Its high level of antioxidants also has the ability to whiten the skin and improve a dull complexion.

Acmella Oleacera Extract


Considered as a natural alternative to Botox, the acmella oleacera plant is used as a medicinal remedy around the world. It reduces the muscle tension in the face caused by stress or fatigue, thus combatting wrinkles. It’s proven to show its smoothing Botox-like effect after just one application according to clinical studies.

Immortelle Essential Oil

Imitating the golden sun in little spheres, the helichrysum flower possesses the secret to eternal youth. The essential oil extracted from this magical flower is known as “immortelle.” This oil can help reduce the appearance of age spots and discoloration. And like most oils, it’s moisturizing and prevents dryness. It also has a powerful anti-aging property, making it one of the most sought-after ingredients in skincare products.

When combined, these three ingredients make up the newest and most potent serum from L’Occitane: the Immortelle Reset serum. 3,000 golden orbs of immortelle oil are suspended in a serum comprised of marjoram extract and acmella oleacera extract. Upon application, the serum is absorbed by the skin quickly, then the immortelle oil bubbles release their power into the skin. When used as a base, it can prep your face for the next skincare products and even boost their effects. This blend of robust active ingredients can help you reset your skin overnight, so you’ll wake up to rested, luminous, and supple skin everyday.

Possess the secret to eternal youth with every drop of the L’Occitane Immortelle Reset serum.

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