These Brand Logos And Album Covers Are Practicing Social Distancing, Too

These Brand Logos And Album Covers Are Practicing Social Distancing, Too


It’s not just us who are maintaining a safe, physical distance during this pandemic. Redesigning their famed identities, these brand logos and album covers are practicing social distancing as well. 

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As we are encouraged to always keep at least six feet away from each other, several brand logos and album covers cheekily followed suit as well, exhibiting a new and timely behavior of practicing social distancing. We are all too familiar with how these brand logos and album covers look like, as they are inherently ingrained in our subconsciousness. However, looking at how it’s tweaked to raise awareness, these creatives were right on the button here.

McDonald’s Brazil gave its famed golden arches a space apart. While ensuring utmost safety in such troubled times, their commitment to customer service endures, with the reminder of course for individuals to stay at home. To help the world in quarantine, several McDonald’s branches from all over the world remained open for delivery and drive-thru. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola observes the same standard by taking a break from its cursive typography and communication of togetherness in a tweaked pandemic-appropriate slogan: “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.”

One of the world’s leading German automotive manufacturer, Volkswagen AG kept a safe distance for two of their car brands—Volkswagen and Audi, which is also owned by the same group. Audi’s cohered four rings and Volkswagen’s V and W were moved apart.

Keeping Nike’s swoosh logo the same, the athletic shoe and apparel retailer took it to social media to launch their Play Inside, Play For The World campaign on social distancing. While the stadium remains on shutdown, it’s safest to play indoors. NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers star player LeBron James is one of the celebrity athletes who supported this campaign.

Not only these group of companies are reaching to make an effort in reducing the risk of COVID-19. Los Angeles-based artists Paco Conde and Beto Fernandez redesigned some of the iconic and timeless album covers in time of all the social distancing rules and preventive measures. Inspired by the movement, the duo started the 6 FEET COVERS project as an initiative to deliver the message of following the minimum distance of six feet.


Who wouldn’t recognize The Beatles’ Abbey Road album where the band is crossing a famous street in north-west London? As you can notice on the redesigned album cover, the four are crossing in different directions. Now that’s entertaining, witty, and relevant. In Queen’s II album cover, Freddie Mercury is also seen practicing social distancing with his bandmates. Originally, the rock band Queen had their faces next to each other until the pandemic had them observe distance for a while, whether in person or in album covers.

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