The Long Wait Is Over, LANY Begins 'Malibu Nights' This Month!

The Long Wait Is Over, LANY Begins 'Malibu Nights' This Month!


As we fans would call it, July is LANY month. After three successful EPs and a full album, the American indie-pop band begins releasing their second album Malibu Nights this month.
“I took a step back and said ‘look what I did, what I wrote, and what I said and felt’ I’m actually so proud of how I walked through that season, that 45 days” said LANY’s lead man Paul Klein in a footage which is the only thing people will see if they head over to the band’s website. As a matter of fact, Paul is pertaining to the journey he went through in writing Malibu Nights.
Previously, Paul admitted that he needed some time to heal at the beginning of this year. As a result, caused his hiatus on social media. Turns out his healing process involved creating new material for Malibu Nights. And boy, are we happy for him!

LANY’s New Single Thru These Tears

LANY Thru these tears ep
Credits to MCA Music Inc. (Universal Music Philippines)

Celebrating LANY month, the band is also releasing their first single Thru These Tears from the album on July 18 (PH time).
“After about 15 minutes of crying myself dry, I had this moment of clarity of realisation, like, ‘Paul, you do know you’re gonna be ok, you just can’t see it right now through the tears.’ And in that moment I knew exactly what I was gonna do was write a song called Through These Tears.’” said Paul in making the single.
As for its music video, the band said it will be posted “whenever they get it perfect.”
Are you excited for LANY’s new album? We are! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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