Look At How Much These Celebs Have Changed Based On Their MEGA Covers

Look At How Much These Celebs Have Changed Based On Their MEGA Covers


Maymay Entrata went from sweet home town girl to fierce model in the making. Find out how much your favorite celebrities have changed through the years through their MEGA covers.

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In life, there is only one thing that remains constant–– change. Through the years, everyone goes through so much changes: physical, mental and emotional, these are all part of our growth as individuals. More so, people can even learn and unlearn certain values, philosophies, and mindsets as they get older. It’s all part of the divine self-exploratory adventure of living.

Just like us, celebrities go through a whirlwind of changes throughout their life. From starting out as rising stars to becoming the trendsetters of their generation, these celebrities have morphed into the best versions of themselves. Aside from the change in their style choices, we’ve also seen a development in their career. Most of the MEGA women featured on the cover of the magazine have grown to be multi-hyphenates in the industry. They are not only actresses and singers, but also social media stars and entrepreneurs.

A great example of the talented women we’re talking about are the five names listed down below. These MEGA cover stars have grown with the brand throughout their career. We’ve seen them morph into the best versions of themselves and we can’t wait to be there for them in every chapter of their lives.

Maymay Entrata
From sweet home town girl to fierce model in the making
First: August 2017, Special Issue
Latest: September 2019

Anne Curtis
From the girl next door to one of the country’s most influential women

First: March 2006
Latest: August 2021

Heart Evangelista
From primetime teen star to a member of the coveted Vogue 100 List
First: December 2011
Latest: February 2021

Just Ann Santos
From blockbuster queen to successful entrepreneur, mother, and icon

First: October 2001
Latest: February 2012

Nadine Lustre
From pop singer in a girl band to award-winning actress, singer, artist and creative
First: February 2013, Special Issue
Latest: February 2022

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