LOOK: Jul B. Dizon’s Legacy of Luxurious Fine Jewelry

LOOK: Jul B. Dizon’s Legacy of Luxurious Fine Jewelry


Having won 12 prestigious international awards including the design competitions by Swarovski, the Korean Jewellery Guild, and the Italian Gold Council, Jul B. Dizon has definitely left a luxurious legacy that Filipinos should be proud of.

As one of most prominent and multi-awarded jewelry designers in Asia, Jul B. Dizon Jewelry celebrated its 40th anniversary in the industry by launching a special book and exhibit at the Manila Peninsula.


The coffee table book titled, “Homage,” showcased Jul’s timeless pieces for every chapter namely, Diamanté, Jardin, Lucent, Music of the Spheres, Devotion, and Fauna.

Each piece served as a nostalgic inspiration for the Dizon’s next generation of jewelry designers to create their own pieces, shaped and molded by their fondest memories of their mother and company matriarch as they continue the legacy of luxury.

Dizon Family

Ginny Dizon shared that since her mom was fascinated with the natural world, exotic landscapes and abstract ideas, it inspired her own work to be designed through a story. But when it became hard for her to grasp such concepts, she turned to symbolism to give their clients tangibility.

As for Lucille Dizon, Jul’s daughter-in-law, shared that “the value of teamwork and working in harmony is the greatest lesson they have learned from Jul that resonated on how they made their jewelry.

Janina Dizon also expressed, that as much as her mother was dedicated to running a thriving business where she was able to express her passion creatively, Jul never forgot to put emphasis on quality family time.

With Jul being a perfect role-model when it comes to the essence of family in the business, Cedric Dizon chose to spearhead the expansion of their products by launching their men’s special collection called “Praesidio” featuring men’s statement cufflinks.

“Having a Men’s Collection has been a long time coming and finally this year, we were able to finish enough pieces to have a mini collection,” Cedric shared.

A showpiece is the Templar cross-inspired cufflinks, which adopts the collection’s title “Praesidio,” (Latin for “to protect”), was made with black and white diamonds, yellow diamonds, horn and 18K yellow gold.

Swipe below to see all of the timeless luxurious collection of Jul B. Dizon:

Follow Jul B. Dizon Jewelry on Instagram @julbdizonjewellery for more updates, or check out their website for other collections at simbolo.com.ph.

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