LOOK: KC Concepcion’s Rose-Inspired Jewelry Collection Is Finally Here

LOOK: KC Concepcion’s Rose-Inspired Jewelry Collection Is Finally Here


By now, you’ve seen countless celebrities tinkering with their own passion projects when they’re not in front of the camera. Whether it’s launching their own cosmetics line, creating paintings, or setting up their own record label, celebrities prove that there’s more for us to see.

Recently, KC Concepcion released her passion project Avec Moi (which means “with me” in French), a 26-piece opulent fine jewelry collection inspired by Paris, the City of Love itself where she bloomed into the woman that she is now. Always in the pursuit of the joie de vivre and her lifelong love affair with precious jewels led KC to creating her debut jewelry collection. Each piece from the collection is adorned with roses, KC’s favorite flower, carefully handcrafted by goldsmiths in diamonds and precious stones into a limited edition collection in 14K and 18K, yellow, rose, and white gold.


Here are our top picks from KC’s fine jewelry collection


Photo by Mark Nicdao

Black onyx center, Mother of Pearl sides, White diamond, 14K Rose gold

Black horn rose 11mm, White diamonds leaves, 14K Rose gold 

Diamond leaves, 14K Yellow gold 

KC’s love of roses takes on different stones, jewels and ring silhouettes. Whether they’re stacked or stand-alone, the rings perfectly capture the sophistication and elegance of the global Filipina.



Photo by Mark Nicdao

Black onyx, Diamond leaves, 14K Rose gold and chain


White diamond leaves, 14K Rose gold, 17 inches


White diamond leaves, Black diamond background pave, 14K White gold with chain


KC made sure that she hit all the right spots by creating variations of her necklaces in gold, silver, and rose gold, leaving us with timeless options.



Photo by Mark Nicdao

White diamond leaves, 14K Rose gold 


Black horn rose 11mm, White diamond leaves, 14K Yellow gold


Diamond baguettes, 2.5 x 1.5mm, 14K Yellow gold


No matter what your preference is, Avec Moi‘s earring sets are a plethora of shapes, be it geometric, dangling or studs.


KC believes that each and every woman has a secret love affair with jewelry. She hopes to inspire you to express yourself and add a touch of magic and sparkle no matter where you go through Avec Moi. This is only the beginning of a dream come true.


For inquiries, please contact [email protected] or follow their Instagram.

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