Louis Vuitton’s F/W 2022 Collection Is An Ode To Youthful Experimentation

Louis Vuitton’s F/W 2022 Collection Is An Ode To Youthful Experimentation


What can a Louis Vuitton woman learn from the style of the youth? Nicholas Ghesquière answers with their Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

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Since the beginning of Nicholas Ghesquière’s tenure at Louis Vuitton, he made it his signature to be devoid of time. Whether it’s merging tones of new wave techno to the renaissance age or pairing French frock coats with running shorts and sneakers, the creative director seamlessly threads together the styles of the past and the present. In his latest collection, Ghesquière applies the same technique, but instead of merging two opposing eras, he intersects two different ages: the young and the old. “An excursion into a perceptible, fleeting, and decisive moment when everything comes to the fore, in all its innocence and insight. The impermanence and beautiful volatility of adolescence,” Ghesquière states in the show notes.

Global ambassador HoYeon Jung, appropriately opened the Louis Vuitton FW 22 show at Musée d’Orsay, wearing a brown leather jacket, wide-leg striped pants, and a yellow Hawaiian print neck-tie. The rest of the collection followed suit: androgynous tailoring and billowy silhouettes that had additional playful touches of floral prints.

Peplum vests and fur-lined trains­⁠—a dominating fashion trend in TikTok⁠—spilled over graphic trousers, while flowing maxi dresses were layered with rugby tops and patterned sweatshirts tied at the waist. Even the new Petite Malle broke its hard appearance with a bottom gusset design, giving it more storage room. 

Acclaimed fashion photographer David Sims, who has been shooting the house’s recent campaigns, also played a part in the latest collection. Bringing a touch of edgy-teen spirit, his stark modernist and graphic posing images were embroidered onto floral jacquard sweaters and polo shirts.

Those who sat front-row during the show also spanned across industries. From top actresses like Sophie Turner, Emma Mackey, Gemma Chan, Emma Stone, and Julia Moore to musicians like the Haim Sisters and star athlete Venus William. Long-time friends of the brand Alexa Chung and Chiara Ferragani were also present alongside young global ambassador Emma Chamberlain.

The randomness of the style combination was part of the point. Ghesquière proved that as much we can learn from the older generation about style, we can always look towards the youth to remind us what fashion is all about: freedom, fun, and individuality.

Louis Vuitton is located at Greenbelt 3 and Solaire Resort & Casino. To learn more about the collection, visit their website.

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