Inside The Louis Vuitton Family Home And Its Most Iconic Trunks

Inside The Louis Vuitton Family Home And Its Most Iconic Trunks


Take a look inside the Asnières Atelier, the home of Louis Vuitton where it all started and their different custom-designed trunks over the years.

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In 1837, 16-year-old Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris by foot and started apprenticing for Monsieur Maréchal. A time where the only means of travel were horse-drawn carriages, boats and trains were the main modes of transportation, and luggage came in a form of heavy rounded-top chests. With a talent for the highly specialized trade, Vuitton eventually became known for creating flat, light, and waterproof trunks or “malle” in French that can easily be stacked on top of one another to pack and transport opulent dresses, crinolines, and wide skirts of the elite.

He eventually went on to open his own workshop where he became known for what the luxury house is today, an expert of fashion and travel. The family residence and the heart of the company are found in the Asnières ateliers. The top floor was used as a home for Vuitton’s family to remain close to the workshops below where his future sons soon learned the family trade.

Georges-Louis Vuitton’s renovated the house with a French Art Nouveau style with stained-glass windows and patterned wall decorations that remains today.

Within Asnières, 6th Generation of the family Benoit-Louis Vuitton presents the newly installed “Time Capsule”, a museum that showcases rare and celebrated objects selected from the Louis Vuitton archive. The museum is open to guests to experience visually the story of the iconic brand.

Here are some of the Louis Vuitton trunks that put the brand in the forefront of innovation:

Malle Fleurs

Designed in the 1910s, the Malle Fleurs is designed to be a romantic centerpiece. It’s made with a water-resistant metallic tray and Vuittonite lining so it can hold flowers, water, and soil without damaging the trunk itself.

Malle Coiffeuse

Who says you can’t pack your whole vanity with you? A historical trunk and perfect for beauty lovers, the Malle Coiffeuse sports 3 mirrors, open-and-closed compartments, wooden trays, and drawers. The trunk is also lined with Rose Ballerine–their pale pink lining to complete the feminine look.


Pack and protect more than one of your fragrances with the Flaconnie–the trunk that is specifically made to house three of the brand’s perfumes.

Malle Maison Vivienne

Vivienne who is named after Louis Vuitton’s signature VVN leather and their official mascot gets her own doll house with the Malle Maison Vivienne. The trunk houses a Monogram canvas box that was designed with dedicated storage to protect the characters during travel.

Malle Vendome

This hard-sided creation was made in celebration of the opening of the Louis Vuitton store in Place Vendôme, the birthplace of Parisian jewelers. It can house high jewelry pieces with its different compartments and drawers.

Fun fact: Georges Vuitton, even challenged Harry Houdini to escape from a Vuitton box when he patented their revolutionary lock system that is still used on their bags and trunks today.

Check out the Louis Vuitton trunks located at Greenbelt 3 and The Shoppes at Solaire Manila. Follow @louisvuitton on Instagram for more updates.

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