Louis Vuitton Reintroduces the GO-14 Bag

Louis Vuitton Reintroduces the GO-14 Bag


Here’s how Louis Vuitton combined their DNA with the contemporary in their new line of GO-14 bags

When it comes to expert craftsmanship, we can look at Louis Vuitton and their outstanding history of leather goods. The French fashion house has been consistent in their quality with an initiative to always look for innovative designs to elevate their designs. So in terms of new structures, many are left to wonder how the Maison never fails to execute such contemporary pieces. Enter: the reintroduction of the GO-14 bag. 

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The GO-14 bag is one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first designs when he stepped foot back in October 2014. It was the perfect blend of the designer’s personal codes and the Maison’s signature look, as seen on the structure and materials. In a sense, this reintroduction is a love letter to history and the contemporary.

How did Ghesquière infuse such contrasting elements? He was able to ground the GO-14 line with Louis Vuitton’s staple bag structure, like the Alma and Twist. These are the simple details that make the bags known as Louis Vuitton. 

As for the contemporary, this is where Ghesquière’s nuanced yet sophisticated tone comes in. The criss cross pattern, also known as malletage, was directly inspired by the Maison’s history in trunk-making. It’s also incorporated in other designs, like their famous logo monogram. This is how he ties together the identity of Louis Vuitton and the new style it will be introduced in the future. 

The exterior of the bag is definitely on the contemporary side because of the puffer finish. It’s made of padded lambskin and it has a bouncy malletage, which gives the structure a soft appearance. To balance out the cushiony feel, the colors were done in neutral tones, exuding a mature and sensual feel to the whole bag.

Because of the color and finish of the GO-14 bag, there’s more versatility in terms of styling it. One option is to dress down with your casuals—a simple tank top, denim jeans, and a pair of loafers. Meanwhile, the other option is to enter the maximalist route with a billowy dress cinched by the waist with a belt.


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