Louis Vuitton Unveils Their Latest Bag Collection Adorned In Precious Leather, Exotic Skins

Louis Vuitton Unveils Their Latest Bag Collection Adorned In Precious Leather, Exotic Skins


A collection of unique and exquisite bags from Louis Vuitton’s latest bag collection makes its launch in the Philippines.

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On June 23, 2022, at the pop-up in Ore Central Building, an elegant scenery was brought to life to showcase a collection of high-end bags clothed in precious skin. Hints of blue glow amidst the luminous white, lush greens uplift the ambience in a calming manner, and earthy tones bring a natural balance to the venue. These elements were decorated to present over 50 unique and exquisite bags from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection- Exotic Skins.

Recognized as one of the exclusive and precious materials in Louis Vuitton, their exploration of crocodilian skin represents their commitment to fine craftsmanship and innovation with style. Each bespoke bag is meticulously crafted at The Abbaye Vendôme Workshop in France, the center of expertise in precious leathers. With their finest craftsmen, a disciplined routine is practiced to obtain the perfect iteration of the crocodilian skin. 

Unafraid to explore new and radical methods to expand their contemporary landscape, the House continues to pursue the highest form of creativity and craftsmanship. The selection of bags is distinctive and unique with its finishes, making it a one-of-a-kind collection and a must-have piece for bag enthusiasts. 

Rainbow Finish

The Rainbow finish brings elegant femininity to the collection. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the rainbow and natural precious gemstones of fine jewelry, a soft gradient appears in the center with a luminous orange to a gorgeous fuchsia pink as shades of purple and deep ocean blue cover the sides. And as the light from the sun shines, it intensifies the precious colors on the surface. It’s then finished with gold shade interscales and a golden-tone hardware making the Capucine BB a unique jewelry piece itself.


The Prestige is distinct with its unique yet sophisticated colors on the crocodilian skin. Inspired by the Pointillism art movement, where artists such as Van Gogh are celebrated, small strokes and dots of colors are scattered on the surface to create a harmonious blend.  Meanwhile, colors take inspiration from minerals, changing colors under the sun, and gold. The Prestige is a bespoke piece that introduced a new palette of seasonal colors.


The Denim finish revisits the Cruise denim animation as each scale of the crocodilian skin is adorn with different shades of Denim blue. Staying true to the House’s pursuit of innovation with style, the inspiration of the finish comes classic raw faded jeans fabric and was elevated to its finest form— Denim on crocodilian skin. The shades of denim blue amplifies the fresh and casual ambience, perfect for the Summer season, as the finish remains precious and elevated. 


An eye-catching exceptional finish is embellished on the Crocodile skin. Inspired by the majestic ‘Aurora Borealis’, the Pink Silver Aurora finish is a celebration of the rare and extraordinary phenomenon. As colors dance in the sky, the bag with its constant changing color gives a magical effect on the crocodile skin. And for the first time, a rose gold hardware is used to finish the Capucines. The bespoke bag is truly a magical piece we can hold in our hands.

Amidst the line-up of high-end precious bags were the celebrity guests of Louis Vuitton who embody the spirit of the House. Respected and well-known in the industry, they celebrated the launch dressed in stylish pieces from Louis Vuitton that brings the night to life.

Heart Evangelista
Camille Co-Koro
BJ Pascual
Janine Guiterrez
Sarah Lahbati-Guiterrez
Liz Uy
Mond Guiterrez
Nicole Andersson

Visit the exclusive collection at the Louis Vuitton Exotics gallery in Ore Central Building, Bonifacio Global City, from June 23 – 29, 2022. You can book a private appointment to experience an exclusive service by Louis Vuitton where you can choose from a variety of exotic skins and finishes and create a custom-made bag. 

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