Love in Full Bloom: Janeena Chan and Morgan Say’s Engagement Celebration

Love in Full Bloom: Janeena Chan and Morgan Say’s Engagement Celebration


Love has a way of transcending time and tradition, and Janeena Chan and Morgan Say’s engagement celebration was a true testament to this profound sentiment

In a modern twist on Chinese tradition, the longtime couple  embarked on their trip to love with a vibrant and enchanting Tinghun ceremony held at the elegant Ruby Wong speakeasy in Admiral Hotel Manila. The event was a fusion of classic symbolism and contemporary flair, all wrapped up in a display of red, the color of both love and celebration.

Janeena Chan love engagement

Janeena, adorned in a masterpiece designed by Daniel Manila, was a vision of elegance that danced between classic and contemporary. Her velvet gown made with intricate jewels was an ode to love’s exquisite journey. Reminiscent of cascading waterfalls and luxurious velvet curtains, it draped her form with an air of enchantment. Crystal embellishments adorned the front, while the off-shoulder sleeves, like a lover’s embrace, cradled her arms with gentle pleats. The result was a breathtaking sight that echoed the ebb and flow of love’s tide.

Janeena Chan love engagement

The words Janeena shared encapsulated the dreams that love is tangled from—those dreams where every action is a promise and every moment a cherished memory. The couple’s togetherness resembled the tender caress of affection. Their union flowed ceaselessly, an upward and onward dance that defied gravity, just like their boundless love.

As the social media influencer described it, this was what Tinghun dreams are made of—a dreamy blend of tradition and contemporary fashion that left everyone in awe. The ceremony was not just about the couple, but of family, tradition, and modernity, all coming together in perfect collective.

Janeena Chan love engagement

The celebration was a melange of beauty and sentiment, captured for eternity by the skilled lenses of Niceprintphoto and the enchanting reels by On The Day Storytellers. Each photograph and frame, a glimpse into a chapter of their story, illuminated by the soft glow of their affection. Custom sanghee and Tinghun branding designs by Jessika Chan-Nocom, graphic designer and sister of the bride-to-be, added a personalized touch that was as unique as the couple themselves.

The centerpiece of the celebration was Janeena’s “Dream Tinghun cake,” which was a combination of a cake and chocolate sculpture. Crafted by Chef Kevin Ong of KEVIN ONG PATTISIER, each cake was a representation of the couple’s love, featuring two intertwined hearts and a lotus flower, symbols of unity and purity. And in a delightful twist, each one bore the names of the couple, a sweet reminder of their intertwining destinies.

Janeena Chan and Morgan Say love engagement

Morgan, dressed dapperly in a maroon suit designed by Chynna Mamawal, exuded charm and sophistication, making him the perfect match for the radiant bride-to-be. Their union of two souls was a blending of families and traditions, and was celebrated through every thoughtful detail, from the custom rose and peony boxes by Petalier to the Feng Shui-approved makeup by Albert Kurniawan and hair by Raymond Matteo.

Morgan Say

The custom drinks, like the Yuzu Mai Tai and the Dragon’s Breath, were a reflection of their journey—unique, vibrant, and full of flavor. And as the sun set on their engagement soirée, it marked not an end, but a new chapter in the story of their love—a chapter written in the ink of affection and bound by the promise of forever.

Janeena Chan love engagement

Janeena Chan and Morgan Say’s engagement celebration stands as a testament to the enduring power of love. Their journey, marked by this unforgettable day, will continue to bloom and flourish, much like the garden of love they’ve meticulously nurtured. And as they walk hand in hand into the future, their hearts will forever echo the melodies of this lovely and heartfelt celebration.


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