Lovi Poe Gets Married in British Fashion With Her Bridal Details

Lovi Poe Gets Married in British Fashion With Her Bridal Details


From her wedding look to their nuptial details, Lovi is a blushing bride as she ties the knot with Monty Blencowe in British fashion

After shocking her fans with her engagement announcement earlier this month, Lovi Poe takes the surprise above the notch with her wedding ceremony happening today. In a post shared by Tim Yap, he captured the bride’s iconic walk. Pausing to take everything in, Lovi said, “I wanna savor this moment.”

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Weddings, indeed, are a literal marriage of tradition and intuition from both the bride and groom. While the union itself is what truly matters in the next step of the relationship, the process of planning the ceremony already gives us a glimpse of what married life can be like. And for the Batang Quiapo star, it means honoring the heritage of her husband, Monty Blencowe. 

With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up how the actress has chosen to honor her groom’s history while injecting details that still scream her personality through and through. 

The dress 

As the actress makes a literal twist to wearing her heart on her sleeve, she donned a custom Patricia Santos bridal frock with traditional, royal wedding elements such as the leg of the mutton sleeve sensation and the veil train drama. As a showbiz royalty herself, we didn’t expect any less for the daughter of “Da King.” It is definitely not a Lovi affair without a little skin involved, so the diamond-shaped open back was the bride going for a contemporary side of things to balance the turtleneck lace lining. 

Lovi wedding Adrienne Concepcion
Photo: ADRIANNE CONCEPCION (via Instagram)

The details 

Before the actual wedding, the excited bride shared a few snaps that gave away her countdown to the big day. One of their key moments as a couple was their Royal Ascot attendance where Poe sported a floral, open back dress with a dainty, white hat for the event. Highlighting this cultural and fashionable head statement, she wore one for her prenup photos. As seen on her Instagram, the star visited Lock & Co., the world’s oldest hat shop located in London. 

Lovi Poe Monty Blencowe wedding prenup Cliveden House
Photo: METROPHOTO (via Instagram)

In similar fashion to what we usually call a bachelorette party, did you know that the Brits call theirs a hen party? Of course, the singer-actress did not miss the chance to have a chill celebration with her truest and dearest friends. “‘Cause I have the right people around me, it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing anyway as long as we’re together,” she wrote in her caption. 

Lovi Poe bachelorette party wedding
Photo: LOVI POE BLENCOWE (via Instagram)

The destination

Choosing the right location is just as essential and meaningful as any other aspect for your wedding. The Cliveden House won the couple’s hearts and we are not surprised that it did. Aside from its five-star hotel status built upon over three centuries of welcoming guests, this destination provides a visual experience for its Palladian and Cinquecento architectural styles. Inside, gilded panels, draped beds, and printed walls and floors paid homage to the rich history of the place. Lovi, of course, was a vision in white when she walked down the garden to finally tie the knot with the love of her life. 

Lovi Poe Monty Blencowe British wedding
Photo: BELLA ALLAHIARY (via Instagram)

Best wishes, Lovi and Monty!


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