Low-Impact Exercises to Keep Your Body Moving Throughout the Holidays

Low-Impact Exercises to Keep Your Body Moving Throughout the Holidays


Stay consistent with your active lifestyle even throughout the holiday season with these easy-to-follow low-impact exercises

It’s completely normal to want to rest during the holiday season. In fact, we encourage you to! However, adults needing to do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily to stay healthy doesn’t stop just because work does. Not only that, but reducing the hours we spend sitting down is always a plus. With these in mind, we recommend you do low-impact exercises.

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A low-impact exercise is a gentle approach to working out, but is no less effective in getting your heart rate up, albeit, slowly. Because of this, low-impact exercises are great for beginners and for athletes in recovery since this type of exercise causes less pressure on your joints and on your feet. As such, we recommend two relevant low-impact workout routines you can follow, depending on your goals and access to equipment.

10-minute low-impact full-body workout

Joe Wicks, better known as The Body Coach, presents this 10-minute low-impact full-body workout made especially for beginners that are easy enough to follow. Each exercise will take only 40 seconds of work with just 20 seconds of rest after each move. The workout begins with a walkout to two slow climbers, followed by two shoulder taps to two spider climbers. Next are the squats, four knee smashes to four star jumps, push-ups, reverse lunge to right knee drive, reverse lunge to left knee drive, three squat pulses to plank walkout, and then an elbow plank. The workout ends with a march on the spot.

15-minute low-impact full-body strength workout

Another low-impact workout you can do is this one performed by trainer Kat Atienza with Well+Good. Unlike the first workout, this one will require equipment in the form of a set of dumbbells. This workout contains just two working sets consisting of three different exercises that will take 50 seconds each with 15 seconds to rest. This routine begins with alternating curls to press, with the second movement being a front rack squat and the last being a split stance RDL (Romanian Deadlift) to row.

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