These At-Home Skincare Kits are the Perfect New Normal Derma Fix

These At-Home Skincare Kits are the Perfect New Normal Derma Fix


Amp up your skincare regimen with Luminisce’s premium kits

Seven months into quarantine and it seems like we’re never going to catch a break. This is why recently, people have been focusing on themselves even more. Activities such as gardening, baking, and painting are being done as a form of self-care, simply to alleviate the stress they receive on the daily. Another form of self-care that a lot of men and women have poured much attention to is skincare, and with the newly released Luminisce at-home skincare kits that utilize innovative technology through their medical-grade products and devices, your routine is about to get a serious upgrade.

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Dr. Kaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce
Dr. Kaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations just launched their premium derma kits that are carefully curated to target numerous skin concerns while making sure that some serious pampering is included. Ranging from Php 1,550 to Php 9,550, each premium kit also comes with an online session with one of the clinic’s doctors or nurses for proper guidance on usage. “Our goal is to allow our clients to bring home the Luminisce experience without compromising the quality of our treatments, so the professional touch will always be there, albeit virtually,” said Dr. Kaycee Reyes-Bacani, founder of Luminisce.

For that added relaxation from the comfort of your home

All in all, there are 10 Luminisce premium kits–half are facial kits, three are peel kits, and the remaining two are body kits. The Radiance Lift At-Home Kit is your go-to for a more contoured and lifted look. It features their exclusive Radiance Lift device that re-energizes dull-looking skin by combining four skin-saving technologies in one: Radio Frequency, LED Therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and Sonic Vibration. It also includes their signature Coquille Peel Solution, Radiance Cream, and Radiance Masque that target acne, dark spots, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The Luxury Facial At-Home Kit is the at-home version of their top facial treatment that not only cleanses and revitalizes the complexion, but also infuses skin-nourishing vitamins and moisture. To do that, the Luminisce Una ultrasonic device expertly cleanses the skin through water-based exfoliation prior to the revitalization of the ingredients to the skin. To top off the treatment, a special masque that contains marine algae extracts drenches the face with glow-getting and anti-aging actives.

Luminisce’s Full Radiance Facial At-Home Kit easily brightens and illuminates the complexion. It uses the same device with the Luxury Facial Kit along with the Illuminating Gel Exfoliator, Illuminating Boosting Masque, and Illuminating Nourishing Cream that help in addressing hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

The Acne Drying System At-Home Kit does exactly what it’s called–dries what needs to be dried. The kit is perfect for those who have acne-prone or problematic skin. It’s powered by a combination of their Coquille Peel and Azelaic Acid Peel that safely renews skin while drying out pimples. The kit comes with its own facial steamer, a Luminisce Pure Mist, a pimple extractor, and a customized acne-fighting skincare regimen.

The last facial kit on their line-up is the Lit At-Home Kit, which provides a glow-from-home look as it renews, repairs, and lightens the skin so it looks as luminous as it can be. The treatment is a simple three-step routine that includes their Lit Cleanser, Lit Toner, and Lit Cream, which are all formulated with Rumex Occidentalis Extract that is known to effectively fade the look of unwanted pigmentation.

Peel more pampered than ever before

To effectively exfoliate and remove dead skin cells for a more youthful glow and complexion, the Coquille Peel Kit uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids that are derived from natural fruit and food extracts. This peel kit is best for those who are trying to renew dry or uneven skin. Meanwhile, the Citrine Peel Kit aims for a spotless and even skin tone with its special concoction of natural extracts from argan, rice, and barley. These target hyperpigmentation while gently whitening the skin. Lastly, their Pits Perfect Peel Kit is a quick and easy hyperpigmentation solution for those who want to show off brighter and smoother underarms as it uses a mixture of brightening extracts from rice and berries.

Rejuvenating skin from head to toe

Luminisce has also released body kits that aim to increase the attention for better skin from head to toe. As a derma-grade body scrub and peel kit, the Total Glow Body Kit combines skin-rejuvenating technologies such as the Crystal Peel Scrub, the Body Peel Solution, the Post-Scrub, and the Peel-Crème for an all-over skin makeover. The Crystal Peel Scrub mechanically exfoliates the skin, which is followed by the Body Peel Solution for a gentle chemical exfoliation. The Post-Scrub then calms and nourishes the skin, while the Peel-Crème infused with Vitamin C stimulates the collagen, which improves the skin’s moisture.

To cap off the 10 Luminisce at-home kits, the Sweat Off RX Kit features an innovative A-Diaphoresis skincare program that guarantees outstanding results since it is designed to particularly zero in on excessive sweating in various areas of the body. This starts by preparing the skin with a water-based exfoliation, which is then followed by applying Luminisce’s exclusive antiperspirant serum on the affected areas.

Much-needed self-pampering awaits. For more information, visit their website or contact 0915 979 4661.

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