Made For Goddesses: Dior Cruise 2022 Takes Us To Ancient Greece

Made For Goddesses: Dior Cruise 2022 Takes Us To Ancient Greece


Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri takes us to the birthplace of sports for the Dior Cruise 2022.

The first major runway show since the coronavirus pandemic, the Dior Cruise 2022 show is nothing short of spectacular—making it the perfect comeback for destination resort shows we’ve all missed. With more than 700 guests in attendance, Dior lit up the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece, where the show was held.

Inspired by photos of one of Monsieur Dior’s haute couture lines taken near the Parthenon in 1951, Maria Grazia Chiuri introduces the Dior Cruise 2022 Collection in celebration of sport and movement—one of the things that the Ancient Greeks were known for. “I decided to show here because I’m interested in clothes as a way of giving freedom of movement,” Chuiri shares in an interview. 

The collection showcases the femininity and strength of a modern woman—or goddess, if you will. With that, pieces such as re-imagined evening gowns, windbreakers, sweatpants, and leggings, as well as Dior staples like the bar jacket made out of sportier fabrics swept through the floors of the stadium. Models also looked every bit the Greek goddesses of yore as they seemed to float in white chiffon dresses and gowns with flowing trains. One of the most surprising pieces, a swan dress inspired by the singer Björk’s infamous Oscar’s dress was also highlighted during the show.

Focusing on the freedom that movement provides, no heels were in sight during the show. Models donned chunky sneakers with pops of gold, Dior socks, and boots. Eye-catching accessories were also worn to complete every look.

You can watch the full Dior Cruise 2022 show here.

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