Made to Be Heard: Prada Tells Women’s Diverse Stories for its Fall-Winter 2022 Campaign

Made to Be Heard: Prada Tells Women’s Diverse Stories for its Fall-Winter 2022 Campaign


In a world where the lines between generations have become increasingly blurred, the luxury brand celebrates individuality and the unique stories of women in its Fall-Winter 2022 campaign

Luxury fashion house Prada has always had a long history of creating stories of the rawness and depth of humanity that resonate with women across generations. Drawn to life beyond the surface, the famed fashion brand is exploring the infinite possibilities of the inner self through an eclectic group of individuals, with a uniquely diverse and varied cast. One story told at a time.

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For its Fall-Winter 2022 campaign, Prada uses a contemporary casting of phenomenal women starring Hunter Schafer alongside models Loli Bahia, Sora Choi, Kendall Jenner, Liya Kebede, Amanda Murphy, Kai Newman, and Lina Zhang. 

Photographed by renowned British photographer David Sims, the campaign communicates reality and celebrates each woman as a portrait of her generation that is a true reflection of today’s modern women—unconstrained by gender, age, or background where they are fearless, distinctive, and always in Prada. 

As a way to push boundaries, the campaign weaves highly evocative stories about women, about the markers of their lives, about their experiences and achievements through fashion advertising—a medium that typically has traditionally been used to show off luxury clothing at its finest. The storied lifestyle Prada portrays through photographs is both youthful and mature—this is reflected in the brand’s diverse group of women, those whom the campaign wants us to go beyond merely seeing but hearing what they have to say.

The Prada Fall-Winter 2022 advertising campaign is an unprecedented vision, an arched timeline of Prada’s voyage through the ages and a call to action for the future. Made with rich archival imagery from the brand’s history, the campaign celebrates individuality and humanness in all its forms.

For more information, visit the SSI Life website or Prada’s official website and follow Stores Specialists Inc. on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography: David Sims

Creative Direction: Ferdinando Verderi

Talent: Hunter Schafer

Models: Loli Bahia, Sora Choi, KendallJenner, Liya Kebede, Amanda Murphy, Kai Newman, Lina Zhang

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