Magical Girl Power: Riot Games Brings The Star Guardians to Life in the Philippines

Magical Girl Power: Riot Games Brings The Star Guardians to Life in the Philippines


The first-ever Star Guardian Art School brings us to the enchanting world of our favorite magical girls

Sometimes, we just need a little magic and cosmic power in our mundane daily lives in order to stimulate our need for curiosity and adventure. Thanks to technology, we are able to experience entirely different worlds and explore galaxies through video games, TV shows, fanfiction, and fanart. Among these hobbies, playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, or MOBA games, stimulate creativity by providing us healthy competition and a whole new universe that’s so different from ours. League of Legends leads this genre as the most popular MOBA game to date, with millions of casual gamers and an active esports community.

The League of Legends has sky-rocketed in terms of popularity when it was launched by Riot Games in 2009. With the addition of new characters and skins, especially their very own idol group, KDA, and magical girls, Star Guardians, League of Legends continues to thrive in the online world. Now, Riot Games takes it up a notch by bringing our favorite magical girls to life with their first-ever Star Guardian Art School in the Philippines.

The power of friendship

The Star Guardian squad will be available for guests to snap photos with in the Star Guardian Art School.

We see this kind of trope in anime and manga: magical cosmic girls representing the moon, stars, and planets disguised as ordinary high school girls at day, fighting evil supervillains at night with the power of friendship and meteor showers. Riot Games developed this concept with a parallel universe of the same kind, creating in-game skins and new alternate lore for existing female characters, such as Lux, Jinx, Poppy, and many more.

Last July 14, 2022, Riot Games announced the beginning of their global Star Guardian campaign with a song and a new music video release of the song Everything Goes On. Along with this is the launch of several new stories for their online videos and content pertaining to the magical girls. The campaign will last for 10 weeks, which includes the Star Guardian Art School.

Unleash your inner guardian

Several art-related activities can stimulate the Star Guardian within you.
The Star Guardian Art School is the perfect place for anime and game enthusiasts to unwind and take a break from the real world.

The Star Guardian Art School aims to celebrate the special event in-person with reservation-only time slots at the Moon Rabbit Cafe in San Juan City, Metro Manila. Through various activities and workshops for anime fans and gamers alike, like DIY tote bags, hydro dipping classes, and fanart areas. There will also be a Cinematic Area wherein visitors can watch the Star Guardian music videos. To top it off, the Star Guardian squad themselves will be there for selfies and photo sessions. Moon Rabbit Cafe will also be serving their color-changing Star Guardian-themed drink, the Starstruck Lemonade, perfect for unwinding after a long day of defending the galaxy. The three-day, limited-time event will be opened to the public
from July 29 to 31, 2022 daily from 9:45am to 8:30pm.

League of Legends merchandise are also part of the things to look forward to during the campaign.

“Philippines is a very important market for the growth and expansion of Riot Games,” said Joel Guzman, Country Manager of Riot Games operations in the Philippines. “We are so excited to bring the Star Guardian Art School experience to fans, gamers and anime enthusiasts in the country to show appreciation for their loyalty and support. We hope the event can bring together the Filipino gaming and anime communities while Riot Games continue to identify local interests and opportunities for more title-related events in the future.”

Become a Star Guardian today and visit their website. Dive into the world of stars by listening to the Star Guardian anthem on Riot Games’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Check out the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook of League of Legends: Wild Rift for updates on their mobile game and Legends of Runeterra’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more information on the collectible card game.

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