Magnum’s Newest Treat is a Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Magnum’s Newest Treat is a Chocolate Lover’s Dream


Step inside the Magnum Mini Playhouse as they finally introduce the Mini Brownie—the newest version of this iconic dessert

Ice cream is universally loved. Kids long for it, adults love it—it’s a dessert that will never let you down. Aside from the sweet goodness it gives after a meal, it can also be a great pick-me-up throughout the day, even if you’re just at home. 

This is exactly what Magnum Philippines had in mind with the latest addition to their line of ice cream desserts, and there was no better way to introduce it to the world than through an aptly themed elevated house party at Casa Buenas last October 19. 

Jaz Reyes hosted the launch of the new Magnum Mini Brownie
Host Jaz Reyes filled the mini program with contagious excitement throughout the night.

All about the simple pleasures 

“At Magnum, we believe that a day without pleasure is a day lost, because pleasure makes life worth living.” Unilever Ice Cream PH Lead Earl Keh says on Magnum’s mission in championing pleasure. Elliptic and oozing with vanilla—everyone’s well aware of the famed Magnum bar and how satisfying it is to bite into its rich Belgian chocolate shell to reveal the smooth ice cream base inside.

For their most recent launch, the brand has taken everything you loved about this dessert and made it into a fun-sized version along with the introduction of a new flavor—the Magnum Mini Brownie. The event was done in an intimate yet elevated house party style, further establishing the comfort each Magnum ice cream can bring, and how truly special the simple pleasures in life are.

Magnum Creative Director Mond Gutierrez
Magnum Creative Director Mond Gutierrez was glowing with pride throughout the course of the event as the successful launch was indeed a chocolate paradise.

“For me it’s a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s made out of chocolate inside and out,” says Mond Gutierrez, Magnum’s very own Creative Director. He adds that it’s the first chocolate ice cream inside a Magnum Mini, which makes it very unique. “Brownie is definitely one of my favorite desserts, so for that to come in ice cream form is definitely a favorite.”

Because of its new size, the Magnum Minis offer a quick and guilt-free treat that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you may be. “It is just the right size for those mini indulgences in the middle of your day,” Mond adds. 

Another special aspect of this new variant is how it comes in a multi-pack that carries your favorite flavors in one box. Featuring the Classic, Almond, and the new Brownie flavors, your everyday quick delights just got a lot more sweeter. 

Gabbie Mariano during the Magnum Mini Brownie launch
Style and luxury content creator Gabbie Mariano
Leila Alcasid during the Magnum Mini Brownie launch
Singer-songwriter Leila Alcasid
Antonio Stevens for the Magnum Mini Brownie launch
Digital creator Antonio Stevens
Mikaela Lagdameo during the Magnum Mini Brownie launch
Lifestyle and beauty creator Mikaela Lagdameo

Chocolate heaven

“One thing that we’ve learned in the past few years is that you can find or create your true pleasure anywhere—even at the comforts of your own home,” shares Earl during his speech before the grand reveal of the Magnum Mini Brownie. 

True to its theme, the launch truly embodied a chocolate house party, highlighting the sweet satisfaction of the Magnum experience. In Casa Buenas, which fittingly translates to “good house,” a pop-up bedroom was styled in hues of brown to represent the cracking chocolate shell of every Magnum bar. A mini playhouse photo vignette was also set up for guests to capture their special moments with friends and the Mini Brownie. At the heart of Casa Buenas was an exquisite dessert bar filled to the brim with all things sweet and chocolatey. After all, no house party is complete without a rich chocolate fountain.



Guests were treated to a special four-course meal for their intimate dinner. Specially crafted by Newport Resort Executive Chef Godfrey Laforteza, the menu was a fusion of Filipino cuisine with Spanish influences, making their dining experience hit closer to home. Before the night came to a close, a dedicated party area was revealed, inviting guests to party the night away through cocktails and ice cream. 
Enjoy your quick and mini indulgences throughout the day with the new Magnum Mini Brownie. For more information, you can visit their website or check out their Instagram and Facebook.

Videography by KIM ANGELA SANTOS of KLIQ, Inc.

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