Maine Mendoza and Sylvia Sanchez’s Relationship is Mother and Daughter Goals

Maine Mendoza and Sylvia Sanchez’s Relationship is Mother and Daughter Goals


As she steps into her new lifestyle as a wife, Maine Mendoza has her mother-in-law, Sylvia Sanchez, rooting for her along the way

The truth about marriage is you aren’t really just tying the knot with the love of your life. You, too, are joining the family of your partner as a new member. This means making an effort for both parties to meet halfway and build a newfound relationship. To some, the adjustment may require a lot of effort for a number of reasons, and that is completely normal. But for the lucky ones who have begun their union long before the actual marriage preparation, easing their way into the lives of one another becomes a whole lot easier. Case in point, the mother and daughter relationship of Maine Mendoza and Sylvia Sanchez

Maine Mendoza Sylvia Sanchez mother daughter goals new lifestyle wife

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Last July, Sylvia formally welcomed the actress-host into their family when the showbiz couple tied the knot. But long before Mendoza was officially a part of their Ataydes, Arjo’s mother had already expressed her appreciation and affection for the EAT Host. Today, their relationship is only getting stronger with the older actress treating her new daughter as her own. With that, MEGA Entertainment looks back on how the loving relationship of the two has grown over the years. 

Knowing what’s best

Mothers know best, and that is proven true in the case of Sylvia when she found out that Arjo was dating his now-wife. In an interview on Magandang Buhay years ago, she commented, “Kung ano man ‘yung ginagawa ng anak ko, buhay niya yan, eh. Masaya ang anak ko, at ‘yun ang importante sa akin bilang ina.” 

At that point of their relationship, Arjo had not yet introduced Maine to Sylvia because of their busy schedules. However, it seemed like she knew that his son was doing something right for choosing to date Mendoza.

Fast forward to a year later, the veteran star’s response to the dating status of the couple changed. Observing his son’s state in 2019, she pointed out, “Dati, masaya [siya,] pero hindi ‘yung real happiness. Basta, ibang klase ‘yung kasiyahan ni Arjo ngayon.”

Respecting their wishes

Perhaps one of the reasons why the relationship between them strengthened over the years was because of the respect they had for one another. Although Sylvia was ready to be a grandmother at the stage of her life, she knew that having kids was up to her children’s own timing, and not hers.

May mga career pa [sila,] meron pang gustong maabot ‘yung dalawa. May plano ‘yun sa isa’t-isa. Kung kailan nila gusto, bahala sila,” Sanchez-Atayde remarked to Ogie Diaz. 

Maine Mendoza Sylvia Sanchez mother daughter goals new lifestyle wife

In fact, Maine didn’t just win the heart of Sylvia. Even Art, Arjo’s father, found his comical match in the host. The Atayde matriarch wrote, “Sila po ang laging nagbubullyhan ‘pag nagkikita-kita. Nakahanap sila ng katapat sa isa’t-isa. Walang humpay na tawanan, sarap nilang panoorin, tatawa ka na lang ng tatawa.” 

Making things official

Before the actual wedding, Sylvia threw a surprise bridal shower for her daughter-in-law. In a heartfelt caption, she expressed how long she has treated Maine as her own. “Matagal na kitang minahal at itinuring na isang tunay na anak mula ng minahal mo ang anak kong si Arjo.”

Recently, the couple, along with Sanchez, went on a trip to the United States, with the latter gladly sharing snaps that she took of the couple, and addressing her new daughter with adoration. “I love watching you and Arjo happy and I am behind you two 100%,” she wrote. 

Maine Mendoza Sylvia Sanchez mother daughter goals new lifestyle wife

In response, Maine also expressed her love for her new mother. “Love you, ma!,” she commented. “Thank you po for everything!” 

The EAT host may be in a season of her life that she has never been in before, but with a supportive, newfound family like the Ataydes, we can only expect Maine to shine brighter than ever.

Photos: SYLVIA SANCHEZ (via Instagram)

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