Maine Mendoza is Back in MEGA! Click and Take a Peek at Our July 2018 Covershoot

Maine Mendoza is Back in MEGA! Click and Take a Peek at Our July 2018 Covershoot


Our July 2018 has become a celebration of sorts as one of our Making MEGA women comes back for another cover. This July, Maine Mendoza also celebrates her third year in the industry and we’re feeling extra festive with her!

I still remember the day the MEGA team finally met Maine Mendoza in Casablanca, Morocco. It was the height 0f the #AlDub phenomenon, but she kept her humility and gratitude even with all the praise she has been given. But as soon as Mark Nicdao’s camera focuses on her, she turns into a fashion vixen like no other. Through the Moroccan heat at the peak of summer, she became a MEGA woman.

Fast forward to today, she is still the same girl we met 2 years ago. Just as humble and just as grateful but with a newfound sense of self. In that regard, we wanted to celebrate with her by transforming her into the belle of the ball. Feminine ball gowns in soft pastel shades combined with serpentina cut gowns in bright shades perfectly embodies Maine’s larger than life yet approachable persona. With just a plain background, Maine heads to the pedestal as balloons, massive and small, clear and opaque, surround her. With 90’s voluminous hair by Celeste Tuviera and pearlescent makeup with hints of peach and orange for her makeup by Juan Sarte, it all came together for our July 2018 issue.

A few more days and it’s July! Make sure to check it out and see Maine Mendoza celebrate love and life.

Photography by Michiko Bautista and Suzanne Allbabidi

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