Maine Mendoza Proves Why It is Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

Maine Mendoza Proves Why It is Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams


Maine Mendoza is a living example that it is never not impossible to fulfill our childhood ambitions along the way

It is normal to have unfulfilled dreams due to a lot of reasons. Maybe because fate didn’t allow us to pursue our former ambitions. Or it’s just that time and circumstances hindered us to reach our goals. Also, the long list of reasons might include our tendency to think that our dreams were too big when we were young, and too small as we get older. However, witnessing Maine Mendoza’s journey in the entertainment industry sends a message that maybe there is no such thing as degrees in dreams. Sometimes, we just need to take that leap of faith to stir us up, making our move to make these aspirations come to life at the right time.

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Maine Mendoza is one of the celebrities known in the world of show business for her authenticity. If you’re part of her Yaya Dub era in 2015, you probably know how she presents herself unapologetically. This character brought her to her place in the industry as an actress, variety show host, and more. Indeed, her unconventional career can be likened to a budding flower that slowly blossoms as time passes by. As each petal unfolds, this sought-after celebrity continuously proves that there is a right time timing for everything—even for long overdue dreams. 

Before she became part of a phenomenal love team and Eat Bulaga’s mainstay host, Maine Mendoza was a college graduate, figuring out which career path to take. She entered the entertainment world through her viral Dubsmash videos. Since then, she was seen as a girl with a passion for dreaming big even though some things seemed impossible.

It can be recalled from her past interviews that becoming a celebrity was one of Maine’s untold dreams. One that she would never imagine turning into reality. At this point in her career, her public presence proves that she is continuously achieving big things. Her career not only led her to attain success in the entertainment scene but also aligned her with the aspirations she held as a teenager. Among these goals is venturing into the airline industry as a flight attendant. 

On a recent Instagram post, Maine wrote the caption, “My teenage self would be so happy,” as it featured snaps from her recent flight attendant training. Her lifestyle show titled Maine Goals will feature this content in its third season’s pilot week. With this, the actress is thrilled to have achieved another dream even if it’s only for one episode.

Time sure flies for Maine Mendoza’s career as many things happened following the AlDub craze. The breakthrough star’s dedication to her craft has paid off, allowing her to also achieve the dreams of her younger self. Just like most of us, Maine Mendoza is a work in progress—continuously inspiring us to pursue our unfulfilled passions. After all, there is really a right time for everything.

Photos from MAINE MENDOZA (via Instagram)

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