Book, Buy, And Maintain All Your Hair Services With The Online L’Oréal Salon Shop

Book, Buy, And Maintain All Your Hair Services With The Online L’Oréal Salon Shop


Say goodbye to quarantine hair crises with the new L’Oréal Salon Shop which provides all your professional haircare needs.

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It’s safe to say that nobody’s finest moments happened over the quarantine. Dig back into those memory archives and we can all remember the time that we didn’t change out of the same old pair of sweats and worst of all, the DIY makeovers that left our hair fried and all chopped up. Personally, because I’ve maintained a streak of transforming my hair each year for a time now, even as the lockdown happened I wasn’t going to let COVID break that for me. So, I bleached my own hair when I wanted blonde bangs, cut my own curtain bangs, dyed it back to black when I got over it. My hair looked good but was it healthy? Far from it. 

Now that thousands of vaccinations are happening each day, I couldn’t wait to come back to the salon for some well-deserved R&R. But like many others, I still didn’t know if it’s worth the trip. Is it safe enough? What’s my go-to hairstylist’s schedule? Is it by appointment only or do they accept walk-ins? Do they have in stock my favorite hair products? 

Enter L’Oréal’s Salon Shop–an online store that can provide all our professional hair salon needs. With their salon partners Emphasis Salon and Azta Urban Salon, you are given proper guidance to all things haircare before you even step into their branches. 

Why Is It The Online Site More Convenient?

  • You can teleconsult with salon experts or your go-to hairdresser to advise you with the best suitable products and services for your hair needs before even heading into the salon to lessen exposure.
  • Replenish or shop new hair care products by L’Oréal Professionnel, Kerastase, Matrix, and Biolage all within the comforts of your own home. They even deliver straight to your location or you can have it picked at your desired salon. 
  • The steps to schedule in-salon appointments and the services they offer can all be found in one site. No need to memorize phone numbers and google for hours on end!
  • Nobody knows your hair more than you do except your hairstylist. With the online site, you can maintain a relationship with your hairdresser, keep track of what you hair has undergone, and create long-term goals for stronger, healthier hair.

How to Schedule an Appointment with L’Oréal Salon Shop 

  1. Visit the official website of L’Oréal Salon Shop.
  2. Choose your preferred L’Oréal Salon Shop partner salon in your vicinity, which leads you to the salon’s dedicated microsite. 
  3. Browse different offers, products, and services offered by the salon. 
  4. Fill in the order form to book your appointment, treatment service or to buy a product. 
  5. Once you book your appointment on your preferred date, time, and partner salon, the salon will receive the order and contact you to confirm your schedule. 
  6. Go to the salon on your appointment date!

For in-salon appointments, Emphasis Rockwell follows strict safety protocols to keep their clients and employees protected. Masks must be always worn but don’t worry if you need to change mask in the middle of the treatment, as they can provide you with one. They also have a disinfecting process at the entrance and at every end of a client’s session.

Azta Urban Salon’s staff are all vaccinated and requires clients to present their vaccination card. Wearing of masks and a disinfecting process are also strictly followed. Exclusive promotions will also be available regularly from coloring, treatments, to products for those who are signed up at the L’Oréal Salon Shop.

With this new proactive online store, we now can all avoid a hair crisis, whether we’re prolonging time between salon appointments or experiencing another lockdown. I hope it’s the latter.  

Glam up this upcoming holiday, by visiting L’Oréal Salon Shop which now offers exclusive service and sales for December:

  • Get 30% off L’Oreal Professionnel Full Color Service with a Metal Detox Pre-Treatment, valid from December 13 to 31 only.
  • Enjoy P500 off any Fusio-Dose Service valid from December 13 to January 31. 
  • Receive a complimentary Colorlast Shampoo (200 ml) for every Matrix Socolor color treatment from December to February 2022. 

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