Major Celebrity Interactions at the MEGA Anniversary Party

Major Celebrity Interactions at the MEGA Anniversary Party


It’s indeed more fun to celebrate a collaborative craft with new and old friendships 

Fashion is an industry that collides a number of worlds into one purpose. Last night, the agenda was to celebrate MEGA’s 32 years of championing Filipino talent. From new bonds to established friendships, here are the celebrity interactions that made the festivity all the more memorable:

Andrea Brillantes and Jayda Avanzado

Both succeeding in their respective crafts, Blythe and Jayda crossed paths again in MEGA’s anniversary party. Meanwhile, last October, the two also shared a selfie during the Shake, Rattle, and Ball. 

Andrea Brillantes Blythe Jayda Avanzado MEGA party friendship interactions

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Issa Pressman, Keiko Nakajima, and James Reid

Three’s not a crowd for Issa, Keiko, and James, especially at the MEGA anniversary party. Posing with all smiles on their faces, the resident trio understood the dress code was to make it big, and make it MEGA.

Keiko Issa James MEGA party friendship interactions

Michelle Dee and Rhian Ramos

The complementing personalities of Michelle and Rhian rubbed off in their chosen looks for the night. While Dee donned an embellished blossom dress, Ramos opted for a sleek black number with a bowed element.

Michelle Dee Rhian RamosMEGA party friendship interactions

Heart Evangelista and Andrea Brillantes

Sharing a mutual attendance to Paris Fashion Week in 2023, it is no surprise that Heart and Andrea can influence their fans and their audience through fashion. One other thing that they share? They have been both MEGA cover stars. If their friendship persists, maybe it will be Heart touring Blythe around Paris next time. 

Heart Evangelista Blythe MEGA anniversary party highlights

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M1ss Jade So, Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, and Michelle Dee

Queens on queens in one frame, M1ss Jade, Eva, Marina, and Michelle owned and interpreted volume in various ways through accent elements based on their personal style. 

M1ss Jade So, Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Michelle Dee

Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara

Derma dates? Check. Dance lessons? Check. Last night, Sarah and Kyline were each other dates and ticked a fashion celebration off their friendship bucket list. While Sarah opted for a black number with a longer cut of her skirt, Kyline went for a shorter and more colorful piece which gave a nod to the theme. 

Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara

Michelle Dee and Heart Evangelista

Last but not the least, the event would not be complete without a Michelle and Heart interaction in one frame. The Kapuso queens even had a quick chat while having their photos taken. Ever wonder what they’re talking about? Of course it’s all about making it big, and making it MEGA! 

Michelle Dee Heart Evangelista

Special thanks to GCASH, ZION, Y.O.U. BEAUTY, and BARENBLISS

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