5 Major Items Being Auctioned At The Finer Pursuits: Important Philippine & Rare Collectibles

5 Major Items Being Auctioned At The Finer Pursuits: Important Philippine & Rare Collectibles


Salcedo Auctions launches “Finer Pursuits: Important Philippine & Rare Collectibles”, a live and online auction which offers paintings by national artists and rare luxury watches 

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Nestled inside Salcedo Auctions, the Philippines’ premier auction house, is a selection of more than 100 items­ that no one could easily buy or spot in any regular market. In honor of the rich history and culture of the country, they will be holding their second major sale of the year called the “Finer Pursuits: Important Philippine & Rare Collectibles”.

From a stunning Anita Magsaysay-Ho piece, a BenCab painting that was once owned by an anonymous Academy-award-winning British actress and dame, to collectible timepieces and fine chinaware, the selected pieces up for auction will not only satisfy one’s indulgent whims but give honor and respect to true Filipino craftsmanship.  

During its pre-viewing, guests of the house were also entertained by mixologist Remy Gallo who created cocktails inspired by the four key pieces featured in the auction: J. Elizalde’s oil on canvas paintings, “Reflections Through My Mother’s Eyes” from 1993, and “Summer Storm,” from 1992; Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s 1972 mixed media on board, “Women Fishing”; and Ang Kiukok’s oil on canvas from 2002, “Reclining Figure.”

With the number of art and décor that one can acquire at the auction, here are top 5 major items to consider: 

1. Evening Meal On A Raft by Fernando Armosolo

Painted in 1993, during the National Artist Fernando Armorsolo’s golden era, this painting is a rare and captivating example of the artist’s signature idyllic and figurative style. Here he presents the country’s simpler and more peaceful time by depicting a family of fisherfolk who resides in a bamboo raft house with the sun setting behind them.

2. A Vintage Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Big Red” 

Manufactured less than a decade before the manually-wound Daytona permanently left the Rolex catalog in 1988, this vintage Rolex Daytona called “Big Red” is one of the highlights of the auction. It has an array of intricate details such as its rare “Sigma dial”, stainless steel bracelet, chronograph functionality, and movements that are all still in pristine condition.

3. Women Fishing by Anita Magsaysay-Ho

Making a legacy out of her unwavering love for the nation and celebration of Filipinas in her paintings, Anita Magsaysay-Ho is one of the painters who redefined modern Philippine art. Her piece titled “Women Fishing” is offered at the auction that showcases her iconic characteristics such as subdued jewel tones in the women’s clothes and on the fecund ground that her subjects are gracefully walking on.

4. Untitled from the ‘Scavenger’ series by BenCab

Upon entering a lot of Salcedo Auctions, you’ll immediately see one of the paintings from BenCab’s widely-known “Scavenger” series. This was created during the time where most Filipino art critics would state is the national artist’s ‘most varied, most challenging, and most artistically successful’ period in his career. It depicts a man in rumpled swathes of fabric with a body of skeletal nature and wearing an expressionless face as he stares off into the distance. This visual depiction of the struggle against oppression and injustices is now central to BenCab’s body of work. 

5. Pilgrimage To Antipolo by Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco

While Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco is most known for his active and significant role in the development of Philippine mural painting, his works are not only limited to painted form. He showcases his masterful and versatile hand in his piece titled “Pilgrimage to Antipolo” where he intricately carves out a pilgrimage scene on a large slab of Narra wood. 

The Finer Pursuits: Important Philippine Art & Rare Collectibles live and online auction will take place on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 2PM. Register to bid and browse the catalog at salcedoauctions.com

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