Make The Switch: Why Hands-free Beauty Products Are The Next Big Thing

Make The Switch: Why Hands-free Beauty Products Are The Next Big Thing


Living in this unprecedented time calls for a number of changes. Masks are now an essential accessory and the slot inside our purse that used to house our favorite lipstick, now holds a bottle of disinfectant alcohol. Putting on layers of make-up feels irrelevant and blending in creams and blotting our lips with our fingers also feels wrong.

Because of the conscious effort to avoid touching our faces, products that can be done by a simple spritz now seems more appealing than dipping our fingers into a jar. Our beauty routine needed to adapt—it was time to switch to hygienic applicators and contactless applications.

Beauty products that used to be indulgent purchases are today’s ideal beauty essentials to have. Such as facial mists that proves sometimes it’s better to “spray it, then say it.” Makeup products that come in spray formulas seemed absurd before, but now makes sense. Skincare rollers and devices that were too much of a splurge can be useful for at home self-care sessions to help battle the anxieties we face.  

These beauty tools aren’t only for a good pick-me-up anymore, but it’s the next effective way to maintain our beauty goals.

Get to know the different products you can incorporate into your contactless beauty routine:

Hydrating Facial Mists

Letting the skin shine is the highlight of beauty these past few months. A cult-favorite step in achieving glass skin is to incorporate a hydrating and dewy facial mist before and after your beauty routine. This will result to supple and glowing skin while setting your make-up. 


Ask any true beauty girl, sunscreen is a step you should never skip. Avoid heavy sunscreen creams that can leave a sticky white cast on your face. Sunscreen sprays offer a veil-like layer for sun defense and UV protection to fight against aging, dark sports, and burning. because of the misting application and rub-free formula, it feels lighter to the skin and can be reapplied throughout the day easily.


I’ve always preferred toners that come in spray bottles. Not only is it easy to apply, but it save you from buying packets of cotton rounds, making it more sustainable. It cleanses and refreshes without having to tug on the skin. This helps avoid skin irritation and wrinkles. 

Facial Cleansing Devices & Facial Rollers

We’ve all seen the beauty routines of many celebrity that feature facial brushes to apply their cleansers and crystal facial rollers to massage the serums into their skin—well, there’s a reason for that. Facial cleansing devices offer a deeper thorough cleanse through gentle exfoliation. It increases the skin’s natural cycle so that dead skin cells can rejuvenate quicker than normal everyday cleansing. Facial rollers on the other hand, can help stimulate blood flow and get rid of puffiness. It helps your skin absorb the oils or serums you’ve put on and with regular use lift and tone the skin —it’s also perfect when you’re longing for a facial massage. 

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