Making MEGA In Rio: All The Designers James Reid and Bret Jackson Wore

Making MEGA In Rio: All The Designers James Reid and Bret Jackson Wore


Take a closer look at James Reid and Bret Jackson as they immerse themselves in the ever-beautiful scenery of Rio for our #MakingMEGA Anniversary Issue 2020. 

What people might have forgotten is that James Reid and Bret Jackson actually go way back during the onset of their career. And that was none other than Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash in 2010. It was evident from the perspective of the outside world that they were undoubtedly the best of friends. But what we didn’t know back then is they were destined to be the dynamic duo of the country’s music industry. Enter Careless Music Manila.

One record after another, they were growing their label at a pace unlike any other. More than that, it served as a huge collaboration of musicians to create music. That’s why it’s only fitting that as James Reid makes his Making MEGA comeback, we bring along Bret Jackson a.k.a. KINGwaw, and feature the duo who created the ingenious OPM label.

Now, as we track our steps to the exploratory expanse of Rio de Janeiro, we come full circle to where we started this series. For that, we want them to emanate the natural beauty of Brazil—from cool colors to suits in relaxed silhouettes. After all, it’s safe to say that they are amongst the few gents who can seamlessly ace an imperturbably dapper look.

Brotherhood Bound

With the vast ocean as the perfect backdrop, James Reid and Bret Jackson sure look like the posh gents we all aspire to be. The former donned a seafoam oversized suit with acrylic chains, while the latter opted for a blue satin button-down and trousers all by Francis Libiran. To impeccably finish their look, they accessorized with gold chains and rings by Cold Gold jewelry.

Held Together

Proving the street style is his way to go, Bret goes for a quintessential black tee in the luxe neighborhood of Joà. He effortlessly elevated his look wearing a leather harness by Lilah Roche teamed with graphic trousers by Jann Bungcaras.

Pinned Down

Of course, true brothers stay in tune with one another. So, it was just right for James to kept things posh with a hint of street style as he wore an asymmetrical pinstriped suit by Hansen Studio that was also partnered with graphic trousers by Jann Bungcaras.

Graffiti Gang

Looking all nonchalant about the view, these two men show us how to chill the right way. As they relax by the ocean side, James wore an embroidered turtleneck, graphic tee and trousers all by Nina Amoncio, which was complemented by his leather Louis Vuitton trainers. On the other hand, Bret donned edgy embroidered coordinates by Nina Amoncio.

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