#MakingMEGAWithMayward Is Finally Happening!

#MakingMEGAWithMayward Is Finally Happening!


Words by Rain P. Dagala

The Philippines’ best fashion magazine, MEGA, is opening 2018 strong with its newest #MakingMEGA series featuring breakout stars Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Marco Gallo.



Over on Instagram, MEGA revealed that the February 2018 cover stars Maymay and Edward, along with the team, have already left the country earlier this afternoon via Qatar Airlines. The MEGA crew includes MEGA Magazine’s creative director Suki Salvador, art director Jann Pascua, Megastyle.ph’s editor-in-chief and stylist Rain Dagala, makeup artist Owen Sarmiento, hairstylist John Valle, and One Mega’s EVP, MEGA and MEGAstyle.ph’s publisher, Archie Carrasco. Capt. Luz Bagalasca, the Star Magic handler of the four Making MEGA stars, is also joining them.

After a 17-hour flight, the team arrived at Frankfurt, Germany, where they were welcomed by Edward’s father, Kevin Barber. Soon after, they all had a hearty German breakfast of cheeses and German sausages, which was beautifully hosted by the Barber Family.

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