Marian Rivera Shares 3 Secrets To Achieve Her Luscious Skin

Marian Rivera Shares 3 Secrets To Achieve Her Luscious Skin


Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera, signs with Kamiseta Skin Clinic as their newest brand ambassador. Learn more here.

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In a country full of celebrity brand endorsements, one would expect Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera, to bag a number of deals under her belt. After cementing her place in the industry with hit shows such as Dyesabel, Darna, and Marimar, Marian Rivera has become a household name in the Philippines. She’s beloved by her fans and couple fandom, called DongYan Lovers. This entitles her to a number of brand endorsements.

Her newest one is an extension of a newly minted agreement with Kamiseta. The actress, producer, and performer is now officially the face of Kamiseta Skin Clinic. This was after she was announced as the first and only brand ambassador of Kamiseta Skin Clinic, which is the aesthetic clinic of Kamiseta’s umbrella of companies. During the official contract signing press launch, we learned 3 skin secrets from Marian Rivera. These tips are sure fire ways to get luscious glowing skin like the Primetime Queen.

Marian Rivera’s 1st Tip: Apply lotion three times a day

When asked how many times Marian uses the new Kamiseta Blanche lotion, she said she would apply it three times a day when she’s at home. During shoot days, she would apply the lotion twice–– when she wakes up and before she goes to sleep.

Marian Rivera’s 2nd Tip: Never skip out on skincare

Ever since she was a young girl, Marian’s mother has always made sure she never skipped out on the skincare. She learned all of her tips and tricks on skincare from her mom. Until now, she still practices some of the routines her mother taught her.

Marian Rivera’s 3rd Tip: Adapt to your skin’s current state

Marian is now a mother to two. She was able to see the changes to her skin when she became a mom. Instead of forcing her usual skincare routine to fit her current lifestyle, she was able to adapt to changes in her skin. She urges her fans to do the same and listen to their skin.

Now, we know the secret to Marian Rivera’s glowing skin and the clinic she uses to elevate her skincare game. We can’t wait to see what great things she has planned with Kamiseta Skin Clinic, as well as her upcoming projects with the GMA Network.

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