Maricel Soriano and Small Laude Take On a Shopping Challenge

Maricel Soriano and Small Laude Take On a Shopping Challenge


Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and YouTube sensation Small Laude visited Greenhills Shopping Center together for some retail bonding experience with a twist

Comical, straightforward, and authentic—these are the traits that both Maricel Soriano and Small Laude have in common. Both say what they mean and mean what they say in their vlogs and interviews. With them, you can only expect truth—but with a little comedic side, of course! 

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In the actress’ latest vlog, she and her fellow vlogger graced V-Mall in Greenhills for a shopping challenge. However, the twist was they had to fit their purchases under their budget. With that being the case, Maricel gave Small some bargain lessons for every seller. From jewelry and matching white tops to placemats, the two worked their way to fit everything into their budget. 

Maricel Soriano Small Laude vlog collab
Photo Credit: Maricel Soriano (via YouTube)

During their V-Mall trip, the actress found joy in Small’s price drop negotiation with all the sellers while Small recommended good blouses for the actress, and even gave style choices. These two were surprisingly a tandem to beat when it comes to shopping.

Wrapping up their day, they also visited the food stalls and even did the Wednesday TikTok challenge together! 

“Next time, Ate Maria, mag-guest ka naman sa vlog ko!” Small requested the actress. Meanwhile, Maricel thanked the vlogger for guesting on her latest upload. She also responded to Small’s request, “Gagawa ako ng time for you, dahil nagmamahalan tayo!” 

We surely hope that this is the first of many collaborations between the tandem, be it in vlogs, television, or even movie projects!

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