Not A Fan Of The Marie Kondo Method? Try This Easy Closet Editing System Instead

Not A Fan Of The Marie Kondo Method? Try This Easy Closet Editing System Instead


If the KonMari method isn’t for you, we found a quick, efficient way to clean and edit out your closet during this period of quarantine.

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Having nothing to do one afternoon, arguably because we have a lot more time on our hands now, I decided to do something I had pushed back for a while: clean out my closet. Surely we’ve all heard of Marie Kondo’s method. However, I wasn’t sure if it was for me, as I found it slightly time consuming. The KonMari method that took the world by storm would require you to do steps such as the following: tidying everything all at once, visualization, feeling each item, and determining if they “spark joy,” and so on. While I would love to do this one day, I just wanted to focus on my closet, at least for now.

Thankfully, I came across a video by a makeup artist I follow, Violette. In The Closet Editing System, she works with stylist Allison Bornstein for a quick, efficient way to organize her closet. Here are their tips:

Step One: The Regulars

Take out all the items you wear on a daily basis.

Step Two: The Nevers

Mull over the things you never really wear, and then take it out.

Step Three: Categorize The “Nevers” Into 3 Groups

After identifying your “Nevers,” categorize them into the following groups:

  1. No – I wouldn’t wear this anymore.
  2. Not Now – Items I’m not using at the moment, aka seasonal pieces.
  3. How? – I still like this, but I’m not sure how to style it.

Step Four: The Revival

Use some of your “Regulars” to style your “How?” pieces.

Step Five: Categorize

Filter in back the pieces you pulled out. Organize by category and by color.

See the full video for yourself below:

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