Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is Officially a Live Seller and She’s a Vibe

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is Officially a Live Seller and She’s a Vibe


The actress-host is now back to her first love—entertaining her audience through hosting.

You know what they say—first love never dies. To some, it’s a person. To others, it’s a country. But for people like Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, it’s her passion for hosting. Known as one of the most recognized hosts in the country, she will always be known for her stints on television, specifically Pinoy Big Brother.

As she continues her role as a stay-at-home mom and as a businesswoman for her shop Cooking Ina Food Market, she has taken a new venture that’s been making a buzz around the internet—live-selling!

According to her interview with entertainment reporter Ogie Diaz, Mariel mentioned that live-selling is close to her heart because she, too, is a “miner”. She also shared in her vlog that she would stay up until 1:30 AM just to watch live-sellers in Japan. Talk about dedication!

With her experience as a live-buyer (yes, we’re coining this term!) and her expertise as an entertaining host, it’s no wonder that Mariel got the hang of live-selling in no time! She started this new hobby of hers in March, after noticing that she can already sell a lot of her pre-loved items. In even one Facebook live, she sold Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s items!

Well, what can you say? Her hosting skills is taking another level with her new venture! Here’s to more entertaining lives from Mariel Padilla!

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