Maris Racal-Approved Looks to Try For Halloween Season

Maris Racal-Approved Looks to Try For Halloween Season


Get inspired by the versatility of Maris Racal by showing up in one of these looks approved by the actress this Halloween season

Openness and versatility are two things that make Maris Racal a great artist. But beyond her acting, singing, and dancing skills, these also apply to her fashion sense. Daring to try trends such as her “accidental” microbangs, or maintaining the sheer effect in her outfits makes her one of the stars that keep us on our toes, waiting for her next one. 

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Irene Tiu in Can't Buy Me Love
Who else is seated for Maris’ versatile looks?

This spooky season, look no further for a style inspiration that will make your Halloween a fashion affair. Here are some tried, tested, and proven looks from the actress herself that we can try to recreate. 

A “show” stopping look

Last year, the Can’t Buy Me Love star and her boyfriend, Rico Blanco, dressed up as Robin and Steve, respectively, for the October celebration. This Stranger Things reference to their costumes was definitely a cute moment for the couple! 

Maris Racal Rico Blanco Halloween costume looks to try Stranger Things
The singer-actress and artist nailed their Stranger Things looks

From one actress to another

For her “Carelessly” music video, the singer-songwriter donned some retro fits that elevated the feel of the track. One of them is a Marilyn Monroe-inspired ensemble, complete with the blonde wig and a dress in reference to the controversial “Happy Birthday” one from the late actress. 

Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume looks to try
She is channeling Marilyn from head to toe

Time to doll up

Known for her comical and quirky side on and off-cam, it is no surprise that she pulled off a paper doll look for the premiere night of Here Comes the Groom. From the lines to the guides, she made sure to get the details to the dot! 

Maris Racal Here Comes the Groom Halloween costume looks to try paper doll Barbiecore
Her quirky looks give Maris an edge from her contemporaries

That supermodel vibe

This season, channel your inner Brooke Shields or Jennie from BLACKPINK by donning a simple yet striking fashion editorial look. Surprise your friends at the party by gracing the occasion as the group’s supermodel! 

Maris Racal Calvin Klein Halloween costume looks to try model
She is bringing summer in October

A Filipino creature feature

If you’re the type to wear a costume that chills the spine, Maris also has you covered. When people think about coming to parties as scary creatures, they tend to underestimate the ability to elevate it through style. Fashion some sartorial effect just like Maris by coming as a nuno sa punso but with a touch of glam with a stunning dress and a standout makeup? 

Maris Racal nuno sa punso engkanto Halloween costume looks to try
Who doesn’t love a glamorous take on Filipino mythology and folklore?

Photos: MARIS RACAL (via Instagram)

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