Maris Racal Shares Her Travel Essentials for Summer's Last Hoorah

Maris Racal Shares Her Travel Essentials for Summer's Last Hoorah


Maris Racal shares all the things you need to keep on your carry-on anywhere you go!
The sun has been a little shy lately but everyone’s still out to find the perfect vacation spots just before the rainy days officially come. You might be packing up your stuff for one more weekend trip to feel the warmth of summer for the last time. But are you sure you have everything you need in your bag?
If you can’t get enough of the summer sun and is out to catch it this weekend, Maris Racal has some tips for you! From what to wear and what to bring, the actress shares her travel essentials that you can use—summer or not. And get this, they might already be hidden in your closet!

Carry a small bag

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After her summer trips, Maris shares that a small bag is definitely something you should be carrying with you on your trip. You can go handsfree with a fanny pack or a crossbody that you can bring anywhere! It will keep your personal items secure without the hassle of it getting in the way of your fun!

Don’t forget your external batteries

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And the very first item you need to put in your bag is an external battery. Power banks can really be useful in out-of-town trips, especially if you’re going out on the beach or maybe island hopping. To keep you from halting your social media updates or taking photos with your camera, keep a power bank with you at all times.

Stay protected from the sun

Rain or shine, you just have to keep yourself protected from the sun. Even if you can’t see (or feel) it, UV rays from the sun will always be out to get you. So Maris adds that you should keep a sunblock for your skin, and coconut oil for your hair! And if you feel like the sun is getting a little too harsh, the actress adds that a floppy hat can work wonders in giving you an extra protection from the sun!

Keep yourself comfy

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Vacations are all about having fun! And you can’t possibly have fun if you’re wearing things that are totally making you feel uncomfortable. While “tiis-ganda” is a thing, it’s always best to keep yourself comfortable in what you wear anywhere you go! Go for bikinis or add extra protection to your skin with a rashguard!

And stylish too!

For Maris, staying stylish is also one of her goals anywhere she goes. For summer trips, she likes to wear bandeau tops and headbands with fun colors to brighten up her days. She also likes to add a pair of gold earrings to finish up her look and let’s just say, they’re super cute!

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