2022 Feng Shui Forecast on Love And Relationships: ‘A Year Of Separation’ And More

2022 Feng Shui Forecast on Love And Relationships: ‘A Year Of Separation’ And More


Will good fortune meet you in the form of love this year? We sat down with Feng Shui Queen, Marites Allen, to know more. 

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Time surely flies! The Lunar New Year is back again. And this year it’s back with a tenacious bang with the roaring Water Tiger front and center. 

Just like any New Year celebration, the Chinese New Year spells out new beginnings. Hence, it is during this time that we see an influx of people who are looking for guidance on what this clean slate will bring them in various aspects of their life. One particular facet that has always had the biggest audience is love and relationships—and it comes as no surprise.

So, MEGA has gone ahead and done the deed of sitting down with renowned Feng Shui Queen, Marites Allen. Here’s the decoded 2022 forecast of Allen on how the stars will align for love and relationships.

Allen Love Forecast 2022
Photo Courtesy of Marites Allen

A Year of Separation 

We’re sure this statement is somewhat reminiscent of Allen’s forecast for last year, “year of break-ups”. However, as per Allen, 2022’s “year of separation” is in an entirely different context and is not to be confused with the aforementioned. 

Separation can be in many forms, but it will always spell out change. And when change transpires, your energy also moves. This means that it can be good or bad. It is good to note this as there is a stigma that surrounds the word “separation” and it is immediately connoted as negative. 

However, Allen says that in love this year, separation may not just mean break-ups. It may also come in the form of physical separations, such as the other having to go abroad. In closer terms to break-ups, it may also mean taking a short break from each other. See, not all negative, right? 

The logic behind Allen’s “year of separation” forecast is that tensions are very strong with the arrival of the year of the Water Tiger. With energies bristling in the air, arguments and misunderstandings will be very prevalent throughout this Lunar year. 

Love and Relationship 2022 Forecast for Chinese Zodiacs 

Since the Tiger is the poster child of this year’s CNY, many are interested to know Allen’s take on how its love forecasts will look like under Feng Shui’s light. 

First off, if you’re a fellow “Tiger,” you should take note of your so-called “allies” or “best friends”. They are the Bore/Pig, Horse and Dog. When it comes to love and relationships, they best match your energy and are compatible to fall in love with. Exciting as that sounds, Tigers should take on the side of caution as their relationships will be challenged this year. The occurrence of break-ups and separations are not far off as well.

Other zodiacs that are getting an upgrade in their love life this 2022 are the Dragon and Snake. If you were born under this sign, know that this year provides you with a plate of opportunities to find love, get engaged or even cement your relationship with marriage. For those who are married, it is also an auspicious year to start a family. 

Monkeys, rejoice! Your love life looks promising. It looks like 2022 is also an auspicious time for you to meet the “right one”. 

Coming in also quite lucky in love is the Sheep. You’re out of the woods from your enemy, the treacherous OX from the last Lunar year. For this new season, the stars are aligned favorably for you. Expect great outcomes in your relationships. But good luck may come with bad luck, too, especially when the Vicious Star comes in your path. Be wary as its appearance could spoil your fun. 

The Rabbit unfortunately will experience tribulation because of the presence of the Argumentative Star. This may translate to disharmony and quarrelling. Allen’s advice for this? Focus on communicating and letting go of the small things in your relationships. Relax, there are bigger fish to fry, darling. 

For those born in the Year of the Rat, enhancing your love will need a helping hand. The 2022 Feng Shui forecasts of Allen on love advise the rat to make use of love symbols like the double happiness symbol and the victory banner. These will be most beneficial and favor-bearing when placed on the Southwest corner of your home or bedroom. 

Allen dishes out more on love from her 2022 forecasts, “If you talk about priorities. People now have changed. I’m not saying that it [love] is going to have a set-back. But people now will align themselves to living first. Because remember, this is the Year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger energy is very aggressive, very temperamental. It is compassionate but if you provoke it, you won’t know where things are going to go. So, love and relationships are not going to be dismal but it’s going to be more neutral. It’s not going to be a priority for everyone right now. One can still be hopeful. If one feels that this is the time for them, then go for it…” 

Marriage, in General

Generally, Allen sees in her love forecast for 2022 an uptrend in those getting married. She also explains that it’s simply because the pandemic has ensued many delays in locking in marriages—from physical and emotional separations to postponed weddings. 2022 offers a more auspicious environment for more weddings to transpire. 

We’ve touched on some zodiac signs, like the Dragon and the Snake, who have the stars aligned for them when it comes to marriage. But when we asked the Feng Shui Queen if she would say that this is an auspicious year for those in long-term relationships to tie the knot, her answer surprised us. 

No matter how inauspicious circumstances may be, if you work hard on it—it will work.” She expounded her answer by sharing that all of us have three types of luck: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Mankind Luck. The first is all about your destiny and it’s something you’re born with. Often, it is not something you can choose. Earth luck is what your actions and decisions bring—this is where you’re most in control. Last but not the least, Mankind luck is what this discussion is all about: Feng Shui and the good and bad signs that come with it. 

Now, she mentioned the above to point out that Mankind Luck is just ⅓ of your luck. So, the forecast could spell out unfavorable signs for you all it wants. But when you take your Earth Luck by the horns and work hard, you can prove the stars wrong.

Allen shared that this is also what she did when a Chinese Feng Shui Master told her that marrying her now-husband was not in her stars. “I will prove my stars wrong and I will do and learn exactly what you’re learning and be better at it.” A remarkable story that was the trailblazer to her strong 21-year marriage and role now as a renowned Feng Shui Master.

Use the energy around you and work to the future you’d like.” What a brilliant way to be reminded that Feng Shui in all its entirety is just ⅓ of your luck. At the end of the day, you are still in control and you make things happen. 

Allen dishes out her last piece of advice on weddings, “What I’d like to advise is that a lot of people really spend so much time in planning their weddings, I would rather advise them to plan on their marriage. The wedding is going to be there for a day, the marriage is going to last a life-time.” Wise words.

Love Enhancers

We all need a helping hand, right? Luckily, there are love enhancers to lend their Feng Shui powers. Marites Allen recommends the following! 

Mandarin Ducks are good symbols as the true-to-life animals live and die for each other. When one dies, the other eventually passes, too. Cue the “awws”! 

On the other hand, the Double Happiness symbol translates to love that has no beginning or end. It is infinite and for eternity. Who wouldn’t want love like that, right? 

Love crystals/Heart Crystals or flowers are also best to be utilized, too. 

A bit R-18 but in terms of lucky colors, red and pink are the way to go when you want to spice things up sex-wise. So this can come in the form of what you’re wearing or even the hues your walls or furniture carry. 

In Feng Shui, positioning is always thoughtful and essential. According to the “Real Feng Shui Master,” if you want love, place the above pieces in the southwest sector of your bedroom or home. Doing so will activate their power. This location is touted as the direction of the “mother,” “matriarch” or the “female direction”. 

Allen happily shared her experience with doing the exact same thing. True enough, upon doing this, she gained a legion of suitors. In fact, this event in her life is what made her truly say, “Feng Shui is really real!

Her last piece of wisdom struck as something that can be applied in life countless times: when using such items, put your heart into it. “It’s one thing to put something, but it’s another thing if you have belief in it.” 

She is currently in London but her prowess in Feng Shui attracts and reaches a global scale. You can tap Allen at [email protected] for her expertise in various ways—not just in love forecasts for 2022. There’s also her shop, Frigga, where the aforementioned items above are for sale.

Allen Love Forecast 2022
Photo Courtesy of Marites Allen

Reach Allen for a consultation via her website. Keep up with what’s trending in the stars by following her Instagram, too. Otherwise, all inquiries may also be forwarded to this number, 09209509390.

Photo Courtesy of Marites Allen

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