Mark Anthony Rosales Shares Starting a Business With Gabbi Garcia

Mark Anthony Rosales Shares Starting a Business With Gabbi Garcia


In an exclusive interview with celebrity hairstylist Mark Anthony Rosales, he shares everything about his new business venture with Gabbi Garcia

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Anthony Rosales has been in the beauty industry for over a decade now. In an exclusive interview, he shares with MEGA the story of how he started his salon business and his latest venture, MARQED BGC, with his longtime friend and client, actress Gabbi Garcia.

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Mark Anthony Rosales opened his first salon in 2018, and just a few years after, MARQED BGC was born. The goal was to have one branch every year, and with four branches as of writing, it’s safe to say that everything is happening according to plan. The secret, he says, is having the right location and the right business partners. “It’s all about having the intuition for when the right time is for making the move,” he adds.

Friend-turned-business partner

“Gabbi and I have been collaborating for nine years. We started at the same time in the industry. We both shared our milestones,” shares Mark. Gabbi has always been supportive of his business, and he feels that she’s been a part of MARQED salon since day one. “Now that she is officially part of the family, I am excited because Gabbi is such a visionary. She doesn’t dwell in mediocrity, so this can help us achieve greater heights together.”

Being artists and entrepreneurs at the same time is beneficial, says Mark. They know how to balance artistry and business, and Gabbi’s advocacy for self-love and body positivity has helped him conceptualize “Hairaphy,” which is a method of boosting your confidence by wearing beautiful hair, and that good hair can be therapeutic.

All in one

MARQED BGC is different from the other salons they own because it’s their flagship branch—meaning, they offer more than just salon services. They also have lash extensions, microblading, and face and body treatments, making it a one-stop-shop for everything beauty.

Their future plans for the salon business include launching #GetMarqed Para sa Kabuhayan, where they teach cosmetology to different livelihoods. This gives opportunities to their kababayans who need skills to have that opportunity for a livelihood. “That’s the most exciting part,” shares Mark.

Mark and Gabbi’s story is a testament that hard work, passion, and vision can lead to a successful business. So, if you’re thinking of starting your own business, especially with a longtime friend, take inspiration from their story and follow your dreams.

 Photos from MARK ANTHONY ROSALES (via Instagram)

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