Master Layering This Holiday Season, Inspired by Heart Evangelista

Master Layering This Holiday Season, Inspired by Heart Evangelista


Discover the art of layering this holiday season, inspired by the chic influence of Heart Evangelista

Basking in the perpetual warmth of the Philippine sun, one might assume layering is a foreign concept reserved for cooler countries. However, beyond the realm of practical warmth, layering unveils itself as a strategic style effort, especially during the holidays. Heart Evangelista exemplifies that layering is not exclusive to colder climates, and that it can fit even with our tropical weather where the cold and warm often embrace together. Beyond the practicality of keeping warm, the stylesetter can be an inspiration as you unfold your forward-thinking technique poised to elevate your style to unprecedented heights.

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Heart Evangelista holiday layering MEGA
The style-setter pairs lightweight garments with a Hermès piece for a pop of color

Philippines’ year-round beauty

With its year-round pleasant climate, the archipelago is the perfect setting to experiment with different layers. Whether you find yourself in the bustling streets of Manila, the pristine beaches of Boracay, or the cool highlands of Baguio, there’s an opportunity to showcase your fashion flair.

A composition of textures and colors

Layering is an art form, a careful composition of textures, colors, and patterns. Lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, and chiffon become your best friends. Start with a comfortable base layer—a crisp white shirt or a breezy tank top—and build from there. Add a vibrant kimono, a lacy shawl, or a vegan leather jacket to introduce personality to your outfit.

Heart Evangelista holiday layering MEGA
Heart wears a jacket over a revealing ensemble

Heart embraced vulnerability and sophistication in a Nué Studio set featuring lace accents. Battling the cold, she paired the ensemble with a practical Louis Vuitton jacket. Her voluminous hair added a touch of ease, suggesting that the chilly weather was an afterthought.

Distinctive accessories

Accessories play a pivotal role. Opt for statement necklaces, oversized hats, and chunky bracelets to infuse character into your look. The Philippines’ rich cultural heritage provides ample inspiration for accessorizing—think beaded jewelry reminiscent of indigenous tribes or intricate embroidery that celebrates the nation’s craftsmanship. On the other hand, go for fun and whimsical, playing with sunrays and tropical fruit motifs.

Heart Evangelista holiday layering MEGA
Heart’s look catches the eye and gives her enough warmth to stay comfortable

Heart puts together the eccentric and the basic with this combination of Saint Laurent shades, Schiaparelli jacket, and The Frankie Shop trousers. The Schiaparelli bag, more than a mere accessory, assumed the role of a striking calling card with a face, adding a touch of boldness to the ensemble.

Seasonal switch-ups

One of the beauties of the Philippines is its diverse microclimates. Whether you’re in the city or on an island retreat, the weather can change swiftly. Mastering the art of layering equips you for these transitions. As the sun sets on a beach day, throw on a light cardigan to keep the sea breeze at bay. In the cool mountain regions, a stylish jacket is both a practical choice and a fashion statement. 

holiday layering MEGA
The fashionista looks radiantly cool in soft, pastel tones

Heart combines a soft sunset-hued Sandro set, a versatile choice suitable for both warm and chilly days. The addition of a white Delvaux bag with colored textured accents serves as the perfect complement, transforming her appearance into a delightful creamy orangesicle-inspired ensemble.

Holiday magic

As the holiday season approaches, layering takes on a festive twist. Embrace the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines with outfits that dazzle. Combine a sequined top with a velvet blazer for a touch of luxury. Add a colorful scarf to pay homage to the country’s vibrant parol lanterns that light up the streets. Your layering skills allow you to adapt to the season’s chill while radiating the warmth of the holidays.

Heart Evangelista holiday layering MEGA
Heart looks sophisticated with this cream-colored outfit and an embellished top to stand out

Heart assembles a chic ensemble, featuring a cream open-sleeve blazer paired with matching trousers. A tube top, adorned with embellishments, adds a standout element to the look. The brown Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag serves as an enhancement to this coffee-inspired attire, creating a festive vibe ideal for the holiday season.

Finishing touches

In the Philippines, layering is not just a technique—it’s a lifestyle. By understanding the art of layering, you transform your wardrobe into a versatile entity ready for every occasion. While guided and inspired by the chic influence of Heart Evangelista, it’s your own unique expressive style that captures the essence of the Philippines all year round.

Photos: HEART EVANGELISTA (via Instagram)

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