Match Your Rose-Colored Glow with Pink Skincare Solutions

Match Your Rose-Colored Glow with Pink Skincare Solutions


Be it beauty tools or skincare products, Le Rose PH makes sure they’re not only pretty in pink, but are also capable of boosting one’s skin confidence

Wearing a mask has definitely helped reduce the spread of the virus while we are in a pandemic, but it also produced a new problem: mask-related acne breakout. Cleverly dubbed as “maskne,” it is a form of mechanical acne caused by heat and friction, which according to a dermatologist occurs when your face and the mask rub together. Unfortunately, maskne becomes unavoidable for acne-prone people as we all keep ourselves and others safe. But it’s a good thing that Le Rose PH offers skin care solutions that one can use at home and make her love the skin she’s in even more.

As a person who experienced acne breakouts from masks herself but couldn’t go to skin clinics for treatment, founder and owner Arra Kay Symaco Thanaraj wanted beauty tools that she can enjoy  and share with other people. It all started with crystal rollers. Then, she released an all-in-one beauty device that not only removes acne, but also reduces eye bags and wrinkles. Now she has her own line of skincare tools and products that address various skin concerns—not to mention that they all come in pink.

To lift the spirits up

For skincare enthusiasts who are looking to improve the shape of their skin, Le Rose PH has one for the face and one for the body—RF Wand and RF Cavitation Device, respectively—and the renowned Fairy Stick.

RF Wand is a non-invasive skin tightening tool that gives your face that instant lift effect. There’s no need for needle plastics and electric perforations. RF Wand thoroughly activates skin cells through electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to help smooth fine lines, and through radio frequency to enhance skin elasticity and improve overall skin texture. It also has five LED light functions for every skin concern: blue for acne, green for dark spots, red for wrinkles, pink or purple for whitening, and yellow for brightening.

RF Cavitation Device, on the other hand, is a body slimming massager for other parts of the body like arms, abdomen, and legs. It uses a multi-polar technology that allows radio frequency to focus solely on fat cells, tightening the skin and reducing stretch marks. RF Cavitation Device also helps speed up metabolism, regulate blood and lymph circulation, and remove body toxins. It comes in a portable and rechargeable size so you can have that gentle body slimming and firming experience wherever you go.

Le Rose PH Fairy Stick is an all-in-one tool that addresses acne, wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, and crow’s feet even. It utilizes red light therapy with warmth and vibration that works out muscles on the face to stimulate collagen production and make the skin softer to touch.

To wash the insecurities away

If you are one of the people who are fond of a regimen that removes dirt and oil build-up, Le Rose PH could be the one you’re looking for. The shop has skin peelers and face brushes that make washing the face more enjoyable and relaxing. It also has the Oil Pill for oil-control.

Le Rose PH Skin Peeler is a deep cleansing facial tool used on wet skin that uses high-frequency vibration to remove dirt and oils. It has a 100% stainless steel spatula that literally scoops out deep-seated blackheads and whiteheads, making the skin instantly smooth and clear. Apart from that, the skin peeler is rechargeable.

For a more spa-inspired exfoliation, the shop has a diamond peel tool that uses different microcrystalline probes for a more radiant and glowing result. It has the combined functions of skin polishing, firming, and tightening. With its vacuum air V-face technology, the non-invasive Le Rose PH Diamond Peel helps improve the overall appearance of the skin in an instant.

Likewise, Le Rose PH’s line of cleansing brushes include Sakura Cleaning Brush and Silicone Rose Quartz Vibration Heating Brush. The Sakura Cleaning Brush has soft bristles making it ideal for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the Silicone Rose Quartz Vibration Heating Brush has different bristle sizes perfect for reaching every part of the face. It is also equipped with rose quartz stone to help better absorb skincare products from your face and heating technology to soothe your skin while cleaning.

Oil Pill, on the flip side, is a volcanic stone roller that absorbs oil and instantly “mattefies” the skin. It does not smudge makeup or any skin product unlike blotting papers, so it saves you time from reapplying makeup when you are outside. Le Rose PH Oil Pill comes in a pocket-size container, and is washable and refillable.

To radiate love from within

To complement the beauty tools, Le Rose PH has a line of rose water-infused skincare products and packages that one can use with or without makeup. The shop has the Le Rose PH Glow Set, Tinted Moisturizer, Glow Mist, and Rose Hydrating Serum.

The glow set is composed of Glow Soap, Glow Toner, Pinkish Glow Sunblock SPF 45, Ultimate Glow Cream, and Night Repair Cream—all of which are ideal for any skin type. This package won’t make your skin peel, but rather help you achieve that rose-colored glow you’ve always wanted to achieve.

In the same way, Le Rose PH Tinted Moisturizer gives your skin the right amount of coverage. It has a cream-to-water formulation, giving off a matte or powdery finish. It comes in light and medium shades. This moisturizer also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing because of Centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid, both of which are known for their hydrating and anti-aging properties.

Le Rose PH’s Glow Mist aids in keeping your face hydrated when you’re outside, basking in the sun. It contains rose water, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid that all help soothe the skin when it feels dry and thirsty. 

Another thing that you can add to your daily skincare regimen for a plumpy and healthy look, is the Rose Hydrating Serum. Just like the rest of the Le Rose PH skincare line, this water-based serum has rose extract, a gentle antiseptic that soothes irritation and minimizes redness. It is suitable for all skin types.

Get a hold of these pink skincare solutions to match your rose-colored glow: Shop on Le Rose PH’s Instagram and Shopee pages.

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