Match Your Style With Your Favorite Fashion Influencers

Match Your Style With Your Favorite Fashion Influencers


Time to update your summer wardrobe! Find out which of these fashion influencers have the same style as you.

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Everyone knows that we only have one month until it’s officially summer. It’s time to store your cover-ups and heavy knit wear. You won’t be needing them anymore. Instead, you’ll be spending summer in all of the season’s latest trends. Mini skirt–check, colorful coordinates–check! backless tops–check! Well, that’s according to the 2022 Spring-Summer runway shows we watched months ago. You can make this summer your own by tuning into your personal style. Take it from these stylish influencers. They’ve figured out how to express themselves by mixing up pieces from their favorite brands. Meet 5 fashionable influencers and match your personal style with them.

Edgy Street Style
Bea Alonso Te, DJ

DJ Bea Alonso Te, has a penchant for wearing colorful clothing that matches her vibrant personality. She loves breaking style rules and shaping them to match her look. As a true cool girl, she’s unafraid to try new things and new clothing. That’s why her collaboration with Monki was a match made in heaven. With her adventurous take on dressing up and the brand’s cool pieces, Bea is the girl to emulate if you want cool vibe.

Get her style by shopping at Monki

Sporty Streetwear
Jessey De Leon, Volleyball Player

Volleyball player, Jessey De Leon, has posted photos of herself wearing the latest Everlast collarboration with Forever 21. She loves monotone garments with streetwear inspired details. The best part is she even wears her newest drips to the gym when she trains for her upcoming volleyball games.

Get her style by shopping at Forever 21

Chic Minimalism
Toni Sia, YouTuber

Toni Sia shares lots of minimalistic pieces in her Instagram, such as: slip dresses, tank tops, button fly jeans, and the likes. That’s why she gets most of her pieces from Love, Bonito– the brand she collaborated with for her Body Love collection. They have a lot of pieces that are versatile and high quality.

Get her style by shopping at Love, Bonito

The Baddie
Killa Kush, Entrepreneur and Podcaster

Entrepreneur-slash-podcast superstar, Killa Kush, has been in the game since anyone can remember. She’s a hustler, which makes her a real life baddie. She’s unafraid to go for her dreams and speak her mind. Her unapologetic personal style reflects this, which is why girl boss looks work best for the influencer. She loves getting her commanding looks from Zara.

Get her style by shopping at Zara

Normcore Realness
AC Bonifacio, Dancer and Actress

Despite being known for their playful sense of style, Gen Z influencer, AC Bonifacio, still knows where to get their basics. Whether it’s a tank top, a denim jacket, or joggers for her next practice, you’ll see the young dancer sporting a modern classic fit here and there. If your personal style involves mixing and matching basic high quality pieces, then take some style ques from AC Bonifacio.

Get her style by shopping at Uniqlo

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