This Is How Your ‘Me Time’ Will Drastically Change In The New Normal

This Is How Your ‘Me Time’ Will Drastically Change In The New Normal


Do you feel like your pamper time is long overdue? Check out how these salons and clinics are setting the standards for the new normal in beauty to ensure that you feel safe and healthy on your next ‘me time.’ 

It’s been almost five months since the quarantine took effect and most of us are itching to step out and get that much-needed grooming and pamper time. A haircut, a trip to the derma, a nail appointment–anything to feel shiny, new, and with a sense of normalcy again.

But with risking going to your pamper spots, you also need to be ready and take precautions; for the sake of everyone’s health and yours, of course. The cases of coronavirus are very much still rising in the country and we still need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting ourselves.

In this article, you’ll see how these salons and clinics are stepping up their safety and health protocols as they re-open to the public.

Skin House Laser Clinic

I personally and voluntarily went to Skin House Laser Clinic at their Pioneer branch to undergo my long overdue second session for GentleMax Pro laser hair removal. A day before the scheduled session, they will send an email for their new guidelines. This includes a pre-consultation health declaration form and a treatment consent form prior to the appointment. The clinic only accepts payment online to practice contactless transactions, afterward, the clinic guidelines will be sent to your email. Patients must be on time for the appointment since they will need leeway to disinfect and prepare for their next patient.

Before you can enter the clinic, they will ask you to remove your shoes outside, provide you with alcohol and clean slippers, and check your temperature. They have a strict no mask, no entry policy. 

Skin house laser clinic

The staff and doctors assigned have private transportations going to the clinic. They will be wearing their full medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will then guide you to your treatment room. Inside the treatment room, you will see a disposable bed sheet and plastic covers, covering the bed.

Air purifier with HEPA filter
Smoke evacuator with ULPA filtration

On the side of the room, there is an air purifier with HEPA filter designed to arrest very fine air pollution particles, and a smoke evacuator with ULPA filtration which can remove from the air at least 99.999% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles. There will be disposable PPEs provided per patient, depending on the procedure.

The treatment I had was the GentleMax Pro laser hair removal. It is a USFDA cleared machine that can be done within ten minutes. For the treatment, you are supposed to visit once every month for 6 to 8 sessions. But since the lockdown, I had to wait three more months. I immediately noticed the result of the first treatment two weeks after my first session. The hair on my underarms began to loosen and fall with a simple pull of my fingers. And even after three months, I had very thin and little hair growth. For my second session, they dialed up the treatment in order to catch up on the lost time.

The feeling of the procedure was tolerable. It’s like ice laser beams poking your skin for a split second, but the pain will be gone shortly after. Those with a lower pain threshold will still be able to tolerate this procedure. What I like about the treatment is that it is far less painful and quicker than waxing and overall cost-effective in the long run since I won’t need to shave or wax anymore. It is P2500/session, but you can check Skin House Laser Clinic‘s daily discounts on their Instagram page.

Extraordinail Salon and Skin Care

I went to the Greenhills branch of Extraordinail. To schedule an appointment, go to their Instagram page to inquire about date availability. All nail technicians have been rapidly tested and cleared for COVID-19. They will be wearing their full PPEs, masks, and gloves.


Before entering the salon, you must disinfect your shoes on their doormat. When they check your temperature, it should not be higher than 36.5 degrees otherwise, you will be asked to wait outside until your temperature goes down. You will then be provided with your own PPE—free of charge, and plastic for your bags and other belongings. They will also be giving you a face shield and a new mask prior to taking your seat.

All couches are cleaned and disinfected after every appointment and all clients will be at least six feet or one chair apart from each other. No food and drinks are allowed inside.

However, if you would rather stay at home but still want your nails done, Extraordinail offers a home service van that can go straight to your home. Just schedule an appointment here.

NEW Lounge

NEW Lounge Greenhills is finally open for your lash extension needs. All their eyelash specialists underwent a two-week safety training and are subjected to medical screening prior to returning to work. Before the session, they have to show their negative test result to the client. The lash specialists will wear their full PPE as they perform lash services. Guests are requested to bring your own PPE or purchase one at the lounge for a minimal fee. There is also a strict no mask, no entry policy. Your temperature will be checked before being let inside. If your temperature is above 37.5 degrees, you will not be allowed to enter.

There will be frequent cleaning of all surfaces before and after each appointment, as well as daily sanitation, anti-bacterial misting​, tools sterilization, and the presence of high-grade air purifiers. Safety protocols will be visibly posted on various areas of the lounges to serve as a guide for all.

NEW Lounge does not accept walk-ins. All appointments should be pre-booked online. All Lash Dolls will be asked to fill out a travel and health screening form prior to the date of the visit. They are also practicing cashless transactions, so you may secure your booking by settling the payment online. This July, they will also be providing card terminals.

Additionally, they also accept home services. To secure your appointments, visit NEW Lounge’s website here.

Facial Care Centre

Physical distancing is strictly practiced at Facial Care Centre. Thus, all treatments and consultations are by appointment only. Clients must call ahead of time so that Facial Center can conduct preliminary screening measures before confirming a booking schedule. Tagging a companion along is discouraged unless it’s necessary.

Once you’ve secured your booking, make sure to follow their further implementations. ‘No face mask, no entry’ is observed at all times and in all their centers. Upon entering, there will be a hand sanitizing station, shoes disinfection mat, acrylic barriers, thermal scanning, oxygen pulse reading, and client health questionnaire to be filled out on their mobile phone through a QR code. The clients’ personal belongings are sanitized via UV light.

All therapists are garbed in complete PPE and will render treatments behind an acrylic shield which serves as an added layer of protection. Facial Care installed the most advanced technologies and hospital grade for cleaning and disinfection. They use a plume filtration machine that has a patented ULPA filter to trap and filter smoke plume from laser treatments and airborne contaminants, capturing 99.99% of microscopic particles and organisms.

To ensure safety in between treatments and among different clients, Facial Care has handheld electrostatic sprayer machines that use FDA-approved and EPA-certified chemical solutions proven to have no adverse effects on human skin and environment. Even after business hours, the sanitation continues with UV light sterilization at the reception area. 

To proceed with your online appointment, click here.

Wink Laser Studio

While most Wink Laser Studios remain temporarily closed, you can have your essential Wink treatments at their recently reopened branches—Bonfiacio High Street and Eastwood. To have your Wink treatment, first, book an appointment via online, phone, or email and wait within 24 hours to have your booking confirmed. In cases of delayed confirmation, Wink Studio is limiting appointment for controlled in-store foot traffic. Even if you have availed a discounted package from a different branch, you may visit Wink BGC for it.

Prior to visiting the studio, a customer check-in waiver will be sent to you and you must fill it out before your scheduled visit. Note that your health declaration may affect your appointment. They enforce a ‘No face mask, no entry’ policy and a standard temperature to let you enter.

Photos from @winklaserstudio on Instagram


Rooms and surfaces are intricately sanitized after each treatment, just as how they practice cleanliness since 2011. Masks, gloves, and sheets are replaced after every use. All of Wink’s aesthetic nurses will be geared up with PPE suit, protective eye goggles, surgical face mask, and gloves and will undergo health checks everyday. Wink Studios are installed with UV Air Purifiers, Protective Panels, Social Distancing floor stickers, and Smoke Evacuators.

Additional text by Alinea Hernandez

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