Meet 5 Young And Stylish New Stars Of Social Media

Meet 5 Young And Stylish New Stars Of Social Media


These girls have been breaking the internet with their stunning visuals and great sense of style. Meet the new social media stars of tomorrow.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s first child together, North West, has been seen wearing the best of the best in the fashion industry. What can you expect from the kid of beauty mogul, Kim K, and YEEZY designer, Kanye West?

Once the internet came to realize the lasting influence of children in the fashion scene, the big luxury brands provided pieces for the untapped market. Now, we can see Zoomers (a nickname coined by Merriam-Webster pertaining to members of Generation Z) decked out in Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Burberry, Moncler, Gucci, and more.

These Zoomers, who are usually aged 12-22 years old are fast becoming the trendsetters on social media. We’re starting to see styling Tiktoks, tween photoshoots, and YouTube videos being made for the Gen Z audience. And, the best part is they work. According to Forbes, 60% of Tiktok’s users are from Generation Z. In the Philippines, there are a few Zoomers in mind when it comes to influence. They’re young, productive, energetic, creative, and stylish. They’re ready to take on the world of social media one Tiktok at a time. Meet the 5 young and stylish new stars of social media below.

Kendra Kramer
At the young age of 12 years old, Kendra Kramer, is already a Miss Universe Philippines bet. She broke the internet with stunning photos by Jerick Sanchez debuting her effortlessly good looks and sleek sense of style.

Andie Abaya
Singer and former PBB Housemate, Andi Abaya, is ready to make waves on social media. She recently reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and has been praised for cheerful personality and colorful way of dressing.

Scarlet Snow Belo
Everyone loves Scarlet Snow Belo. She’s cute, smart, and the daughter of the ever so stylish Dr. Vicki Belo. Scarlet now has over 5 million followers on YouTube and she is the youngest MEGA cover star.

Mona Alawi
This 17 year old is the sister of social media star, Ivana Alawi. Slowly but surely she’s following the footsteps of her big sis. She’s got the same adventurous sense of style, but with a Gen Z twist.

Kyline Alcantara
Actress and singer, Kyline Alcantara, has been a trending name on our socials for quite some time now. She’s the current girlfriend of Mavy Legaspi. Together they’ve been spewing heart warming content for their fans to see.

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