Meet 7 Female Artists With An Amazing Sense Of Style

Meet 7 Female Artists With An Amazing Sense Of Style


Whether it’s a paint brush or a tablet, these seven female artists really know how to pull off an aesthetic.

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On World Art Day, it’s important to recognize the talented female artists of the Philippines. Much like Amy March, these women have broken into the art scene despite societal prejudices against female artists. Not only do they display incredible work ethic, but they also showcase a knack for style. As we all know, each artist has their own expertise much like how they have their own style aesthetics. Nevertheless, their work and style are in most ways cohesive. That’s why we’ve made it a point to give these women a platform for their craft through their sense of style. Besides, Miuccia Prada did say, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Denise Heredia
This young entrepreneur and painter has been featured in the Art Fair multiple times, while looking good doing it. Denise Heredia is the abstract artist who is also an avid sneakerhead, collector of designer bags, and dog mom. Denise’s sense of style is a combination of sophistication and street. She loves pairing a well constructed top with some Jordans.

Gabe Mabazza
A Filipina designer and illustrator, Gabe Mabazza, is the modern pop artist of our dreams. She has made the graphic covers of magazines around the Philippines, as well as curated her own collection of art. You can see her sense of style come through her designs, because all her character are very well dressed.

Kim Cruz
We all know Kim Cruz the influencer, but did you know she’s an artist too? Yes, this social media star has started dabbling on art. Now, she has upcoming exhibits in the Secret Fresh Gallery and the BenCab Museum. Her art is very much like her style: effortlessly chic.

Selina Woo Bhang
Our next artist is a triple threat. She’s a graphic designer, commercial actress, and a model. Selina Woo Bhang is the artist everyone’s talking about. This girl oozes creativity in everything she does, whether it’s modeling or creating. Her sense of style is heavily inspired by her Filipino-Korean heritage. She represents the best of both worlds.

Anna Bautista
Everyone in the art scene knows Anna Bautista. She has a great balance of commercial work and creative pieces. You may have seen her pieces lined up in galleries all over the Metro. Currently, she is represented by the DF Art Agency. But, make no mistake this artist has great style. She knows how to make a minimalistic look pop by adding in the right accessories.

Bel Web
You may know her as wibblewebble on the ‘gram, but her real name is Bel Web. She’s a very well known graphic artist in the Philippines that makes impactful statements through her work. Her artwork is so recognizable, that once you know who she is you’ll start seeing her work everywhere. For her sense of style, the girl likes to keep it dreamy in relaxed outfits as she does her work.

Alexi Wassmer
If you’re looking for a bit of rock and roll, then look no further. Alexi Wassmer has got the style of all your favorite musical legends. And, it clearly shows in her work. The graphic artist and art teacher has made everything from menus to comic strips. She has also commissioned art from clients of all over the world.

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