Meet Baken: Your Go-To For All Things Bacon

Meet Baken: Your Go-To For All Things Bacon


Bacon goes with everything, and Baken brings that extra salty, crispy, and savory oomph to a dish—and introduces you to new way of snacking that can elevate snack and mealtimes at any time of the day

Few dishes are as appealing and sensual as bacon. The aroma alone can take you by the nose and guide you to the kitchen. It vaults anything to new levels of delectability—brussels sprouts, eggs, chocolate; you name it. Bacon’s writing is specific, vivid, and unlike anything else, even said to be the “gateway meat” to entice vegetarians. And while there are plenty of opportunities to pay homage to this meat eater’s dream food, Baken makes the process easier by introducing you to a new way of snacking—easy, quick, and oh so delicious.

baken bacon shop rachel carrasco
Baken is a 2024 Katha awardee, winning this accolade as a global meat-snack innovator

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Entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco’s admitted love for bacon gave rise to the all-bacon snack and confectionery line Baken. The crispness and crunchiness of the beloved pork belly molded her life mission to create snacks that are “defined by the sheer joy of eating something you love”. In pure indulgence, five years produced the brand’s rendition of the popular breakfast staple into a mouthwatering blend of savory, sweet, and meaty delicacies: Real Bacon Crisps, Bacon Cookies, and Bacon Jam.

Baken proudly presents their all-around snacks: The Real Bacon Crisps, Bacon Cookies, and Bacon Jam

For the gastronome and porcine obsessed, these gourmet snacks are worth salivating over. Made with a premium, select cut of pork, brined with seasonings and spices, meticulously smoked and cured to lock flavor and color, and then sliced, baked, and sprinkled with a secret spice mix, these snacks turn into ready-to-eat decadent treats that promise a burst of flavor and a satisfying crunch in every bite.

All-Around Bacon Bliss

Taking the bacon beyond the whole breakfast routine, Baken understands that this meat is a versatile ingredient. It lies nicely on our dinner plates at any time and meal, welcoming the addition of lettuce and tomato to create a filling sandwich, and proves paramount in a Caesar salad. But that’s not all. The multitude of creations and meals you can make from this meat is the brand’s driving force for their snacks. Baken encourages you to put on your chef’s hat and use their Bacon Jam for avocado toast, Bacon Cookies to make your own cookie butter, or even fashion yourself a Bloody Mary with Real Bacon Crisps.

Avocado Toast made from Baken’s Bacon Jam
Cookie Butter made from Baken’s Bacon Cookies
Bloody Mary made from Baken’s Real Bacon Crisps

All their easy to make bites, plates, garnishes, and drink recipes made from Baken products can make for the ultimate sweet-savory marriage of ingredients that don’t usually go together. Leche flan and bacon? You’d think such a quintessential dessert would resist porky augmentation, but Baken proves otherwise. This kind of contrast may be sharp and startling, but it brings a saporous taste only bacon can deliver. Perhaps some of these combinations are gastronomically atonal, but Baken has caught up to making new assemblages of food that everyone can enjoy. Let your imagination run wild, too, with recipes of your own.

Stylish Snacking

Aside from reinventing the products into several recipes, Baken can also be an easy take-along snack to pack in your bag when hunger hits—no out-of-style lunch box necessary!

For those with busy lifestyles and are constantly on-the-go, sometimes you don’t have time to prepare a meal and just need something to munch on to give your day a boost. Whether you’re running errands, shopping, or even headed to work in your siren office clothes, the Real Bacon Crisps are a good treat to bite on, and you can spread the Bacon Jam over some bread to hold you over until your next meal.

Baken Jam
Bacon Jam
Baken Crisps
Bacon Crisps

The Bacon Cookies, especially, are filled with sweet and salty ingredients—so you never have to choose between the two again during your sacred snack time.

Baken Cookies
Bacon Cookies

The Filipino Touch

From a team of skillful Filipino food technicians to research and development staff, Baken’s quest is to provide flavorful snacks and a meaty taste in every bite. To showcase the brand in its full potential, Baken featured their products at the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) at the World Trade Center last May 10-12. The exhibition is the country’s biggest international trade show for Filipino and Asian food, where the finest food exports, premium-quality products, and top-notch ingredients from the country can be found.

Baken debuted a one-of-a-kind tasting experience at IFEX 2024 with Baken House, Baken Café, and Baken Grocer. With these three spaces, the brand proves further that whether as the main attraction or the savory sprinkling on decadent desserts, bacon can now be part and parcel of our everyday victuals.

Baken Café
baken bacon shop rachel carrasco
Guests also enjoyed playing with Baken’s claw machine to bring home the brand’s snacks

At the event, the audience was in for a flavor-packed experience as Chef Carlos Villaflor from the renowned Gallery by Chele served up a myriad of recipes: Bacon in a Glass (dark rum with Real Bacon Crisps rim), Bacon & Eggs (Bacon Jam and Real Bacon Crisps, served with honey cured ham, mozzarella, cheddar, and hollandaise sauce), Bacon Bomb (bacon-filled croquettes), Holy Baken! (bacon and cheese sandwich), and PB&B (Bacon Cookie topped with peanut butter).

Chef Carlos Villaflor
baken bacon shop rachel carrasco
Reimagine bacon into a wide range of snacks you can also recreate

Currently, Baken is available in major outlets in the Philippines such as One World Deli, Landers, Brera Delicatessen, Kultura, Terry’s Selection, The Seven Pantry, and LazMall. Shop at their online store as well, where they provide shipping to the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia.

Photos and Featured Image: BAKEN

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