Meet Human’s New Kids On The Rise

Meet Human’s New Kids On The Rise


Who doesn’t want to start the year right? Ask any millennial, and you’ll get inspired by their hard-headed ambition and itch for constant reinvention. Building an identity in this day and age seems to play a vital part in their day-to-day lives. It often begins by making strong style statements. Human offers us clothing on the pulse of youth lifestyle and showcases the hottest of street wear.

Bringing their ‘A’ game to the fashion playground, the local retail brand invited young, emerging talents to star in their latest campaign.

Tola Orendain, Nixie Lozano, Kath Asuncion and Steffi Ziebert

The Girls Are Here 

With stellar modeling careers ahead for Tola Orendain, Kath Asuncion, and Steffi Ziebert along with Nixie Lozano’s flaming passion for dance, outfit choices should be an extension of the ladies’ youthful spirit. The girls translate their penchant for oversized pullovers, denim pieces, and hoodies into electrifying looks from the collection. Details play on rips, ribbons, patches along with hints of millennial pink set against neutral contrasts.

Maverick Lacson, Rammy Bitong, Noah Webb and Paulo Tiongson aka Poor Taste

Bring Out the Boys

Keep an eye out on these boys as Paolo Tiongson produces hit after hit, Noah Webb dominates the court, Maverick Lacson descends down the runway, and Rammy Bitong soothes the airwaves. Their common ground: a superb clothing brand that fits their individualities. Dressed in trendy pullovers, jackets, joggers, and shirts—these young guns show a certain kind of edge that calls our attention. They don’t shy away from adding a little spunk to their looks with sneakers and accessories all decked out.

Redefine yourself within the vibrant nature of youth and be a #HUMANOnTheRise. Shop Human online  or check out the list of branches here


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